It has been one of them days where I needed to try and do some house jobs that were starting to pile up so this morning and most of the afternoon has been spent doing just that. Plenty of time to think about what I want to bake next and prepare in my head the bakes which I need to do on Friday for postal delivery orders and Treat Boxes collection orders. I have a few collection orders for the Friday Treat Box which is “Unicorns and Rainbows”, this week. My postal orders are for a tray of Lemon Bakewell Slice and a Caramel Slice which are both available on my webshop and my Etsy shop.

I am quite liking the collection idea from my house as :

  • it saves me posting the bakes
  • it allows local people to get to know what I bake
  • it is letting me bake products which I can’t sell online for delivery due to the bakes being too fragile

My imagination has been going wild today and I think I know what my next two”Treat Boxes” are going to be – one is to do with Friday the 20th April being “National Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Day” so I will be offering for collection and delivery Pineapple Upside Down Cake (one of my favourite cakes) and the other is going to be  something to do with cupcakes and emojis as I love seeing the poo emoji cupcakes everywhere. They look so funny and I know my children would love to eat one of these cupcakes – a treat for my family too. 🙂

Also, I want to make the Friday Treat Boxes as an extension of Foodie Calendar bakes and incorporate the two. For example, it was national Unicorn Day on Monday this week so I have made my Friday Treat Box a “Unicorn themed bake” with sparkles and rainbows (go to my Facebook page to find out more).

I really need to bake something savoury for a change but I am trying to use up what I have in the cupboards this week so our meals have been rather strange to say the least. For instance, today is “National Cheese Fondue Day” so I am allowing my daughter to make some Homemade Nachos and Garlic Bread which we will serve with Cheese Fondue (my version) followed by pizza for tea. The Nachos are being made from some wraps which my daughter will cut up into pieces and season with all her favourite seasoning before baking in the oven. The only part I need to do is make the Cheese Fondue which is fairly easy to make. I don’t use white wine or kirsch in the recipe, as some recipes suggest, as it is the for children to eat too.  I make my fondue with a cheese sauce base that is supped up with more cheese, herbs and plenty of spices such as smoky paprika, chilli powder and mustard. My children love it and eat gallons of the stuff.

Tomorrow, is “National Grilled Sandwich Day” – most people love a toastie of some description or another and they are fairly easy to make – with or without a sandwich toastie maker to hand. My children love to make up fillings such as Pesto and Macaroni Cheese (leftovers from dinner the night before) and Fishfingers with Ketchup – disgusting I know but they eat it.

Toastie Sandwich

Right that is me done a blog post for today so I am off to catch up with my book keeping, make the Cheese Fondue and then I might get to collapse on the couch for an hour or two.