My first book which started the book writing bug with myself was an idea by my husband who suggested I write down all my thoughts, ideas and plans which I had when I started up my own home baking business.  This resulted in my first book “Baking at its Best: Advice for home bakers and would be entrepreneurs” . I loved writing this book and it inspired me to write more


Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for “Readers’ Favourite”

“Do you enjoy cooking? Baking? Does everyone enjoy eating your creations? Perhaps some have even suggested that you could start up a business with your food delights. Well, why not! Others have done it, and quite successfully, too. Why not you? V. Dale has degrees in food science as well as brewing and distilling. But her true love of working in the kitchen began as a child, when she helped her mother and her grandmother with the cooking and baking. She enjoyed the task, but also the positive comments from friends and family alike. It was rewarding to know that people really did enjoy her efforts in the kitchen. After working in the brewing industry for many years, this multi-talented author started her own bakery, so to speak, in her own kitchen. She reached out to the public, setting up a stall to sell her food delights. From savoury dishes like Corned Beef Slice, to the more sweet treats like Chocolate Banana Cake, V. Dale quickly established herself as a much sought after cook and baker.

However, it takes more than a good cook and baker to ensure a successful business. There are regulations to be followed to ensure that the product created is safe to eat as well as delicious. There is also the little matter of insurance and many more practical things to consider. V. Dale, cook/baker turned author, has outlined everything in her book, Baking at its Best: A guide for home bakers and would be entrepreneurs. And once you’ve thoroughly studied the very organised step-by-step guide to creating a successful (and safe) business in the cooking/baking industry, the author shares some of the more popular recipes that quickly sell out when she sets up her Sunday stall at the local market”.

Baking at its Best: Easter TreatsMy second recipe book coincided with the most chocolatey time of the year, Easter, so it made sense that it should be Easter Recipes with lots of my favourite recipes which I had used at the market and at home over the years. “Baking at its Best: Easter Treats” was born and set me on the way to writing another book because no sooner had I published my second book but my husband spurred me on to write another.




Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favourite

“Chocolate. Aw, we all love it. Or, at least, most of us do. And what better season for chocolate than Easter? Well, perhaps any season is perfect for chocolate. But, you have to admit, the idea of chocolate seems to be attracted to the season of chocolate eggs and all kinds of other chocolate treats. So, why not make some? Like, Cookie Dough Brownies or Scotch Crème Egg Brownies or No Bake Fudge or Crème Egg Gateau. Of course, you don’t have to just make chocolate treats for Easter. There’s always the fruity Simnel Cake, an English fruitcake tradition that is catching the attention of fruitcake lovers around the world. And there’s the Lemon Bakewell Slice. But you would have to appreciate the history and tradition of the Bakewell treats, as, in the United Kingdom, the real Bakewell is second to none. And, of course, Easter isn’t Easter without Hot Cross Buns, though this delectable treat is now available just about any time of the year in some countries. 

V. Dale’s delightful little book, Baking At Its Best: Easter Treats, is an interesting collection of recipes, complete with some background detail as well as some anecdotes about each recipe in the collection. The recipes are clearly presented, with clear instructions on how to prepare and serve the food creation. And, believe it or not, for a book of sweet treat recipes, the author also provides a nutritional guide for each recipe. Note: The measurements are in the United Kingdom’s system of grams instead of the North American system of cups and fluid ounces. So, depending on where you live, you may have to do some conversions. 

Baking at its Best: Summer Picnic RecipesThis resulted in my third recipe book “Baking at its Best: Summer Picnic Recipes”. I can safely say that my family and myself have thoroughly enjoyed me writing this book as we have been on so many picnics with some brilliant food. Some of the recipes are what I have used in the past  when I sold my home-baked products at my market stall but others are personal favourites of my children which I make a lot for them to enjoy with friends in the garden, when we are at the beach, park etc”.




Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

“Picnic lunches, or even lunches at home, are a challenge in creativity, especially when children are involved. All those picky eaters with ever-changing mood swings and culinary likes and dislikes make meal planning, at any time of the day, a chance for failure. But, there’s no reason one has to stick with the standard lunchtime fare, either at home or on a picnic. There are other options: like Scotch eggs, corned beef pasties, cheese crackers, vegetable tarts, and so much more. And don’t forget the chocolate chip cookies, a must in any child’s diet.

V. Dale has done it again. Using much loved family recipes from her own kitchen, this author has created yet another delectable little cook book. Baking at its Best: Summer Picnic Recipes is a small collection, only fourteen recipes, but is packed with useful ideas that will entice others to create their own unique lunchtime treats for picnics or for home. Each recipe is well laid out with clear instructions. There is a colourful image to show the finished product and a useful list of nutritional contents. If the product has the potential to contain allergens, the author makes a note of that as well. For example, for the mini picnic sausage rolls, she mentions that some sausages contain sulphites, an allergen, and in some people this can cause an allergic reaction. Also, following each recipe, the author provides useful suggestions on how to alter the recipe to accommodate different dietary restrictions, especially allergies. I found this particularly useful as, with multiple food allergies, I’m always looking for ways to alter a recipe so that I can enjoy it, too. As always, a neat, concise little book packed with lots of delicious ideas”. 

My fourth book in the series “Baking at its Best” is called “Halloween Recipes for All the Family to Enjoy” and this is a book with lots of recipes to scare the little ghouls over this holiday time. My children love Halloween as they get to eat loads of scary treats and the best part is that they are all homemade and delicious.




Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favourite

“Baking at Its Best: Halloween Recipes for All the Family to Enjoy! by V. Dale is a book for all those who love baking. The twelve recipes in the book are Halloween recipes and will give readers an idea how to make their Halloween even spookier. Names like Scary Fingers, Witches’ Eyes, Graveyard Cake and more will put readers into the Halloween mood. The recipes are simple and each one has a list of ingredients, the method of preparation and nutritional information, how changes can be made according to dietary requirements, the equipment needed to make them, and finally a picture of the creepy cakes and cookies. This well planned and well laid out Halloween recipe book will definitely be a novel treat for youngsters during Halloween.

The thought of bringing out a book on Halloween recipes is unique. The pictures of the cookies and cakes will capture the feel of Halloween. The recipes suit all ages and abilities and children will find it interesting to experiment with these recipes along with their parents during Halloween. The author has thrown in a couple of show stoppers like the Graveyard Cake and a few others which will add to the eeriness of Halloween. Each recipe’s details have been listed methodically, making it easy for readers to try out, and the idea of giving options in case of dietary requirements is excellent. Trying out these recipes and making these delicious treats will be fun for both parents and children at Halloween. For all those who celebrate Halloween, this recipe book will bring out their creativity in a fun way”.

My All Things Christmasy book is a collection of recipes which I used an awful lot over the Christmas season when I had my market stall. One or two of them I have used all year round, in particular, the Sweet Mincemeat Tarts recipe which my regular customers would buy every week.




Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favourite

Christmas. It’s a busy time of year, full of activities, gift exchanges, gatherings and, of course, lots of good food. What would a gathering, at Christmas time no less, be without the wonderful array of Christmas goodies? There are the traditional favorites like shortbread, mincemeat tarts, fudge, and gingerbread. And then there are some creative and rather decorative additions to the list, like a no-bake Chocolate Orange Christmas Pudding, Christmas Tree Cupcakes and Chocolate Brownie Trees. These treats not only look good on a tray of goodies, but they taste good, too. 

V Dale is well known in her community for her delectable treats. She’s a very creative and industrious baker. She is also known for her little recipe chapbooks, celebrating the different seasons of the year and the good food that goes along with each season. Her latest book, which she claims is the last in this series, Baking at its Best: All Things Christmasy, explores the joy of Christmas foods. Not just the sweets, because there’s also a recipe for Boxing Day Pizza which thriftily uses Christmas leftovers to make another variation on a favorite pizza theme. The recipes are well chosen and carefully laid out with a good description of the procedure. There is even a colorful photograph to illustrate the finished product, a health and nutrition guide, and an alternate ingredients list (for some of the recipes) to accommodate those people with various eating intolerances or allergies. For anyone who loves to bake and loves to create delicious and unique Christmas treats, this little chapbook is a must-have. 

My compilation of A Year of Baking recipe book is a large collection of all the other books all joined together under one title. I prefer the smaller paperbacks which I keep in my kitchen drawer so they are always nice and handy. The larger book is a beautiful paperback nice and large with lovely colourful pictures.










I hope you will one day buy my books to share in my ideas and appreciate any feedback via email/comments which you feel will help me on my way to writing further books. You can find my author page on Amazon if you want to see updates on what I do or just keep coming back here. Thank you for reading about my book journey so far. – V. Dale