Cheese Scones

Busy Few Weeks With No Time to Spare.

Well, I have been in my new job for nearly six months and I am still loving every minute of it. 🙂 This last few weeks has been really busy on the run up to Christmas with no time to spare to do anything else. I think my family have been craving my bakes –

Empire Biscuits

Seems So Long Ago!!

It seems so long ago since I was a sole home baker ( a dim and distant memory) and then everything has been turned on its head as I found a job. A job which sees me working full time as a cafĂ© supervisor in a quaint cafĂ© – The Old School CafĂ© – which

Wild Flowers

New Job and Settling In

Well it has been about six weeks since I started my new job as the cafĂ© supervisor – are you missing me?? I now work at The Old School CafĂ© in Durham. This cafĂ© is part of St. Margaret’s Centre in Durham which is a mental health charity community hub run for adults. The work that they

Customer Order

When Something Has To Change

Well what can I say but after many weeks of looking for employment I have found a job and I start on Monday. There are several reasons for my new employment of which the main ones are that the cost of living has affected many small businesses and the number of orders have become less

Baby Shower Cupcakes

Something Different For a Change!

“Baby Shower” Cupcakes – something I have never been asked to make before and I have really enjoyed every part of the process. I have baked Cupcakes before but never adorned with “baby shower” decorations so when the request came in I went into creative baker mode straight away. I had several questions for the

Homemade Mini Egg Fudge

Website Work

Oh what a week it has been. I have spent so much time working on the website that I haven’t had time to bake but as I haven’t had any orders this week it has been a productive week. The website was down for a few days as I decided it was time to change