Well, I have been in my new job for nearly six months and I am still loving every minute of it. 🙂 This last few weeks has been really busy on the run up to Christmas with no time to spare to do anything else. I think my family have been craving my bakes – so much so – that I have bought my own Brownies and Cookies from The Old School Café as an after school treat for my children to eat. That is how chaotic my work and home life has been. I have baked so much at work that I’m not interested in baking at home – which a really bad!!

However, at the weekend of “Christmas Eve” I baked a batch of Empire Biscuits for a neighbour and some lovely Cheese Scones for my own family to enjoy. Needless to say, the Cheese Scones went down a storm and I am hoping to bake for “New Years Eve” a couple of sweet treats for my family so today has been a day of clearing the decks ready for the weekend.

This week, we had a quick with trip to Scotland followed by the ongoing problem of the heating and hot water in our house which is going to be sorted in the New Year. Fingers crossed it is a straight forward job as I don’t fancy coming home from work to no heating or hot water in the house. The biggest chore this week has been the washing which just hasn’t been drying due to the lack of heat in the house.

The café is ticking along nicely and I have a wonderful team of volunteers who work great together. However, my thoughts this week have been what to offer next in the café after the “Christmas in a Bun”. Also, I am still working on a vegan breakfast idea as the vegan sausages weren’t a good seller. I am thinking Pancakes – American style – with a choice of toppings and possibly vegan. Something that I can make and freeze then reheat and serve with a variety of toppings. Watch this space for more details.

In the meantime, there are a couple more days of 2023 to enjoy. I’m off to make the most of family time as the house is clean, the grocery shopping is ordered and everything is ready for next week. All the best for 2024!