It has been a busy few days in my kitchen recently but I have been making headway on some new ideas for my webshop and I will soon be offering gluten free and egg free cookies for online delivery to your door in the UK. I am adding Lemon Crisp Cookies and Chocolate Crunch Cookies to my shop.

I did share a recipe the other day for Chocolate Crackle Cookies which were gluten free and egg free. These cookies will be added to my shop for those who don’t want to give them a try for themselves. These cookies have been tried and tasted by several of my friends and all my family who have all given me very positive feedback about them. They have described them as “rather like a macaroon”, “really crunchy”, “very tasty” and “something different to add to the lunchbox”. The last part is very true as the cookies were hidden in my own childrens’ packed lunches so the cookies didn’t last long. I would have liked to have seen what the shelf life was for this style of cookies but keeping them from the children is very difficult (gonna have to hide them).

Chocolate Crackle Cookies

Today, I have made decisions on what I am going to make, how much it will cost to make and how much in postage it will cost throughout the UK. Next, I need to write the description for the bakes to add to my webshop products and add the photos. After that, a trial of posting the cookies to a couple of family and friends to see how they travel and then I will know where to go from there.

I decided on what to bake from lots of different  ideas which I read about online as I felt I needed to learn a bit more about gluten free and egg free ingredients and how the ingredients worked in the baking of Cookies, Blondies, Brownies, Flapjacks and Cakes. There are so many ways to make something you bake suitable for a different dietary requirement so there is so much I want to try.  My next bake will be to make Sweet Mince Tarts which will be  gluten free on the run up to Christmas so that is what I am concentrating on in the kitchen next week.

Next week, it is going to be busy as the children are off on school holiday, so as well as entertaining them, I need to make some Halloween treats, try a postal delivery out of the new gluten free cookies, make some Blondies and some Sweet Mince Tarts.

For the rest of today, I am working on my webshop, reading up some more, ordering packaging, checking more links on the blog, but before any of that I am switching the slow cooker on to make some Vegetable Broth for dinner tonight which I will be serving with Dumplings. Also, I might get round to making some gluten and egg free Blondies for the family to enjoy as a Saturday night treat in front of the television.