This last couple of weeks I have been doing an awful lot of thinking about what to offer on the webshop as I feel like I need to change some of the products and offer some more current products. These products have to be postable so there is lots to do. This requires a lot of research, so today has been spent looking on the computer with short fence painting breaks to get me away from the computer screen. However, the rain has stopped play for the rest of today. 🙁 At this rate, it is going to take me the whole six weeks to paint the garden fence but hey ho I will get there eventually.

Anyway back to the baking trends of 2022 which according to several online sources, as well as, what I have seen on the social media platforms includes a lot of bakes which I have always wanted to make. On reading the British Baker newsletter there are several bakes which I need to try starting with Snowballs which I can’t wait to have a go at – maybe this week?? I have the ingredients already in stock for the marshmallow as I am really wanting to make Wagon Wheels (my husband’s fave). Also, the other trendy bakes, according to the British Baker are Snickerdoodle Cookies, Cremella (doughnuts with icecream), Pretzels and Cones although I only use cones for my Icecream Sundae Cupcakes and I certainly have never tried to make my own cones.

Icecream Sundae Cupcakes

The Good Homes magazine has an article which lists several bakes which I have already baked but don’t offer on the webshop. These include Gravity Defying Cakes, Bubbles Cakes, 3D Cakes, Drip Cakes, Jelly Art Cakes, Checkered Cakes, High Tea, Desserts Boards, Spicy Sweet Bakes and Coffee/Tea Infusion Bakes.

From this fantastic list of bakes I have made many 3D Cakes for my family and their own birthdays and a few close friends. My 3D Cakes have included Dinosaurs, Fifi and the Flowertots, a bag of Tangtastics, a Fairy House, Thomas the Tank Engine to name but a few.

Drip Cakes are really lovely to make and decorate and I have made a few of these recently. My Drip Cakes have only been Chocolate Drip Cakes and a couple of Rainbow Drip Cakes but I really want to explore this idea further and have been watching lots of videos about this technique.

I have made one Checkered Cake as a birthday cake for my mother which was really good to make and even better to eat. A Chocolate Orange Checkered Cake with chocolate orange ganache what more can I say!!

The High Tea ideas I have added to my webshop in the form of Afternoon Teas and I have received several orders for these products. I keep looking at changing the products available on the Afternoon Tea as I feel it is based on what I like to eat. Maybe I should I add a poll to my instagram story so that I can have some help on deciding what to put in the Afternoon Tea boxes. 🙂

As for the other ideas in this article I am busy making plans for Coffee/Tea Infusion Bakes, Spicy Sweet Bakes and Dessert Boards (sounds and looks rather like an afternoon tea for children). I have many hours ahead of me looking on Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Youtube and the internet in general.

According to Bake the flavour trends for 2022 are chocolate, s’more, classic soda flavours, peanut butter & jelly, cookies and cream, butterscotch, cotton candy, cookies butter and salted caramel. Then there are the spicy flavours are cayenne, chipotle, anise, rosemary, black pepper, basil, smokey and whisky. The vitamin booster flavours such as citrus and berries, apple cider vinegar, dark chocolate, ginger, green tea and turmeric. Finally, the coffee and tea flavours such as mocha, espresso, lavender, floral, lemon, chai and pumpkin. There are lots of flavours that I want to try from this list so bring it on!!