My recipe books are changing prices as we speak. My first book which I wrote all about how to set up your own home baking business was on offer for 99p for the e-book but has now increased to £1.99. It will not go back on offer till some time in September 2017. You can still borrow it as an e-book for free through Kindle Unlimited if you fancy a bit of light reading. 🙂

At present my third recipe book which is full of summer picnic recipes is on offer at 99p for the next 10 hours. Then it will increase in price to £1.99. Go and grab a copy while it is still on offer. However the e-book is free with Kindle Unlimited.

My second book about Easter Treats ( I know wrong time of year) but always handy for when Easter comes around and it is a handy sized book too, is going to be reduced to 99p form the 1st of August for one week only. Watch out for it then.

Putting my books on the Kindle Countdown deals has helped to sell a few more copies and made me realise that I really need to promote more about what I am doing. I am looking into offering one of my books as a freebie when you subscribe to my blog but I am still working on that. At present, I have copies of my book in several coffee shops in and around the area so as to create some interest in what I am writing. One local school has suggested that I sell my books at the school fairs in the future – so that is another route to go down. Things are starting to take off for me and it is coinciding  with the childrens’ summer holidays. If nothing else I will have plenty of helpers. HHhhmmHHhmm!!

The next recipe I am adding is for my Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookies which were a big hit at the weekend. All my children barr one enjoyed them. I am going to be adding the current recipe of the week  Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake to my blog post tomorrow, so that I can add it to Yummly  and other recipe sites. Also, I need to keep up to date with my behind the scenes work so there is some catching up to do with adding some recipes to my recipe page and more backlinks. I feel like I am playing catch up again but these are my plans before I go to bed tonight. It may be a late night. 🙁