Well what an interesting week it has been and to top it all off my brownies have proved to be the best seller this week. I have four more trays to bake – 3 for collection and one for postal before I can enjoy a fairly relaxed Easter weekend. I know that I will be baking with the children making some interesting Easter themed creation with their assistance as I still have Easter sweets to use up. I am looking forward to what they will create over the holidays.

The brownies has caused me quite a bit of hassle over the last few weeks as I have tried different recipe ideas to make the brownies different in texture and appearance but in the end my own recipe beat them all. My family and friends have had their fill – I think – of the brownies so I have decided to stick with the brownies they liked the best – my original recipe. I am happy as I know this recipe creates a lovely moist brownie which keeps well – if it lasts that long?,  it holds the extra ingredients, such as, creme eggs in the mixture well and stops them from burning. It was a great seller at the market stall and is still popular today.

I am loving trying different toppings with the brownies and have so many flavours I want to try but I really need to ease off a bit and give the brownies a break for a while. In this last week, I have made Salted Caramel Brownies, Turkish Delight Brownies, American Brownies and Easter Brownies so I do need to move on to other bakes.

I have made a few decisions about brownies such as:-

  • the brownies are better when made with just cocoa.
  • no extra melted chocolate needs to be added to the mixture as some recipes include.
  • baking powder with plain flour which some people would suggest makes the brownies more cake like but personally I don’t like the squidgy, solid texture of the shop bought and some homemade brownies –  I prefer a brownie to be lighter in texture.

Anyway, I am happy that my brownies are popular which is the main thing, so now I have moved on to other ideas. This morning I have been baking with the Salted Caramel Sauce which I made the other day. I have used the sauce in Caramel Scones which are rather like Treacle Scones and in some Jammy Buns – now Caramel Buns –  as a treat for the children. However, whilst rummaging through the fridge I found some of the morello cherry filling which I used the other day for the Mini Black Forest Gateaux so I have made some Morello Cherry Scones using this filling and mixing it in the dough. I hate letting ingredients go to waste and sometimes you have to just go with it and try something don’t you. I wonder what my children and husband will think of these bakes??

Looking to the Foodie calendar for next month there is “Caramel Day” on the 5th April so I will have to share my recipes for the Caramel Scones and Caramel Buns bakes then. There are a few days such as “National Cinnamon Crescent Day” and “International Carbonara Day”that I really want to have a try at so watch this space.

Easter Treats

Finally, my Easter Treats recipe book is on offer from the 31st March for one week only so if you need more ideas for the Easter treats to bake for family and friends then this is the book for you. 🙂