Sitting in the living room looking out of the window trying to decide what to bake this week. I have already made my Christmas cake but my husband decided he couldn’t wait any longer and he cut into it yesterday. I am going to make another one this week , marzipan it and then hide it away.I have the children to feed but at the same time I want to bake some things for my blog and website that are ideal for the run up to Christmas. I know I am going to make my signature sweet mince pies, which I have on good authority are better than any available to buy in the supermarkets. I am not blowing my own trumpet here but these sweet mince pies are melt in the mouth delectable and extremely more-ish. I will also be making a Yule log or two, along with some ideas of Christmas treats that can be made with the children or better still by the children.

Chocolate Fruit Cake
A Slice of Chocolate Fruit Cake

When I informed my other half what I was making this week his reply was “trying to get me feeling festive are you”. I think he is feeling the strain of preparation for Christmas. The presents our children have asked Santa Claus for are astounding to say the least.

The more home made gifts my children can make this year the better. I know the children are already planning on their ginger bread creations again so we will have to wait and see what happens. I have my thinking cap on. Also I am planning ahead and trying to make some meals which I can freeze for the holidays. I don’t want to spend the holidays cooking. Although there is much to be said for waking up to fresh, home made blackberry and apple muffins straight from the oven on a cold winter’s morning.

Forest Berry & Lemon Muffins
Forest Berry & Lemon Muffins

Now I have made myself hungry so off to the kitchen I go the make a batch of brownies for the packed lunches tomorrow and some muffins for tea. Not sure what flavour to make yet it just depends what ingredients need to be used up first in the store cupboard. I made this recipe up as I went along and they were out of this world. This recipe will definitely be featured in my recipe book. They were so moist and very tasty. I used frozen forest fruits in the recipe, straight from the freezer and the overall muffin was brilliant. These were a hit with my children and I will be making them again and again and again. Once I have finished in the kitchen I may sit down with a cuppa and a slice of Christmas Cake.  HEHEHE!