It’s half term here and the children are all sat about wondering what we are doing this week. I am also wondering what to write about but I am going to set to work on finishing my recipe book . I have set myself a target to have written my first book and completed it before my next birthday which is coming up at the end of this week. My children are getting excited for Halloween so I am still in that theme for baking. I am thinking witches hats but other than using ice cream cones and chocolate I can’t think of anything else to make. I am off to have a think. Be back later.

Mummified Hotdogs
Mummified Hotdogs

We all know about the healthy Halloween treat of the satsuma made into a pumpkin or the banana made into a ghost which are actually healthy and no bake but what else is available to make that is healthy and fun and different.

For my children this week who have been on packed lunches I have been putting scary food in their bags. My favourite was the witches broomsticks made from a pretzl stick with a cheese slice wrapped around that has been cut into bristles of a brush and tied onto the stick with a chive. So easy to make and fun to eat. A welcome surprise in their lunch boxes. It certainly gave the children on their tables something to talk about.

Another no bake but really fun idea are cheesy eyeballs which are made from babybels. On one side of the babybel you need to paint the blood vessels on the eyeball using red food gel. Then thinly slice the black olives to use as the iris and place a small amount of ketchup in the centre for the pupil. They look so evil and very effective.

Who would have known that hotdogs could be so versatile , especially at Halloween. Not only can they be wrapped in pastry and made into mummies but they can be made into fingers with onion nails and served in pots. On a not so scary note, my son’s favourite meal, hotdog caterpillar. Hotdogs can’t be beaten on usefulness.

Mummified Hotdogs

For pizza, the Halloween theme can be added by cutting the mozzarella into a ghost shape prior to baking. I usually make homemade pizza so I am going to have to try this soon. Pizza can be healthy if made fresh with the right ingredients.

These are just a few ideas which I have tried in the past and will try in the future. Let me know if you try any of these ideas or if you know of any other cool ideas for children to try over the half term holiday.