It seems my Loaf Cakes are proving popular on my webshop, so much so, that I have been asked to do other flavours that I haven’t even added to the shop just yet. So it looks like the rest of today is going to be a case of making the orders for the webshop which I need to post in the morning and prepping for the collection orders which I need to bake tomorrow ready for my customers. I am loving that my business seems to mainly happen at the end of the week and that I have the time to write and get prepared at the start of the week.

Today’s bakes

Talking of weeks, it has been a long first week of the holidays so far but I am hoping to have a weekend away with my family to come back next week refreshed and raring to go again. No doubt my computer will go with me so that I can still get some writing done when the children are in bed.

Next week, I am going to have a real push with the webshop to increase my sales through it as it seems to have dipped slightly which is not what I really want but there are so many areas I am trying to work on that I can’t do everything at once. 🙁 I am not “superwoman” and I need to remember that as my husband keeps telling me and the children require the my attention too. The finding a happy medium is always the hard part when you are working from home and for yourself.

Well the sourdough starter culture didn’t work  🙁 – I threw it out this morning as it wasn’t fermenting like it should have been so I am going to have another try tomorrow and leave it open to the air for a couple days to see what happens. I think it will work eventually and these things come with practice and plenty of patience.

The cookies I baked as a trial yesterday were a real hit – a perfectly chewy, crunchy cookie all in one bite. I need to make a giant version of this cookie as I am thinking a “Father’s Day” treat maybe?. So I am off to bake a Giant Cookie, of some description, after my lunch. Once I have priced up the cookies and had a postal trial I will let you know if they will be added to the webshop or not. Watch out nephews with a birthday this month you may be getting a surprise through the post which may be a mess or perfect – only time will tell?? 🙂

As today is “National Caramel Day” and I still have some Salted Caramel Sauce in the fridge to use up I am going to add it to the cookie dough to celebrate this day. I am assuming the shelf life of the sauce is okay as it has been kept in the fridge but I may be wrong  – Oh what a hardship I will have to try some first before I bake with it. A terrible job but someone has to do it. 🙂

Giant Salted Caramel Cookie

The Giant Salted Caramel Cookie turned out really well. I was really impressed – gooey and crunchy – all at once. What more can you ask for in a cookie. I decorated the cookie to the “max” with lots of treats and plenty of ganache and I decided to give the cookie as a present to my good friend. However, as we both have children and husbands I know the cookie won’t last too long but I hope she enjoys the rest of it.

It was “National Cordon Bleu Day” yesterday and I thought initially that this day was celebrating  something highly skilled that had to be baked  but upon investigation it means the chicken dish which includes ham and cheese. Not that difficult a dish to make, I don’t think, but that may be just me – I am not a cordon bleu chef – but it doesn’t sound that hard to prepare. but as I don’t have a deep fat fryer and not all my children would have eaten Chicken Cordon Bleu  I haven’t made this dish. There was chicken breast on the menu tonight for dinner but I left the preparation of the chicken breast for the children. One daughter used spices, oils and various herbs to flavour her chicken strips and then coated them in Parmesan cheese whilst the other daughter made Breaded Chicken Nuggets and I made homemade potato wedges to serve with the chicken.

Yesterday, was also “International Carrot Day” and I forgot to add the photos of my Mini Carrot Loaf Cakes so I have baked a Carrot Loaf Cake today as a treat for my husband who loves Carrot Cake. Tomorrow, I have orders for the Mini Carrot Loaf Cakes so I will share the photos of those tomorrow.

Yummy Treats

Looking at the Foodie Calendar, the 7th April is “National Coffee Cake Day” which you would assume would involve some sort of Coffee Cake but according to the internet it is any cake that can be eaten with a cup of coffee – sharing is the key here – with friends and family. So come on people of the UK order your homemade cake today from my webshop to be delivered in time for the 7th April to share with family or friends or to give as a gift. There is plenty of choice on my webshop so please take a look. 🙂