Has it been three weeks already since the lockdown started in the UK. I’m not really sure as all the days seem to have merged into one at the moment. All I know is that it is the Easter holidays and that is only because the children keep telling me that they are on their holidays so they don’t have any school work to do. Not really true as I took quite a relaxed view of the school work when the schools finished back in March so we have been spacing the work out in between the different tasks that I have been making the children do as part of their life skills learning so they haven’t on their tech all day. I think the children might be finding the life skill s boring but they have to learn some skills eventually for when they go out in to the big wide world. I have been trying to motivate my eldest two girls to find themselves a routine with the dance and karate but to add some studying in to their routine too. I hate seeing them wasting the day sitting around in their PJ’s when they could be achieving so much more and filling the days with a variety of activities. I think my ideas might be rubbing off with one daughter but not the other. Can’t win at everything but I’m going to keep trying. 🙂

Myself, I am working on my blog and to date I have managed to complete many jobs that have been outstanding for a while now. It is a lovely feeling to know that my work on the blog is cleaning it up and making future work that I want to do a bit easier to achieve as I have done all the groundwork. I can’t wait to move on to the next job on the blog that I want to do but I am trying to stretch it out and other things, such as life, get in the way.

Baking wise, I haven’t found the time to do to much this week as I have been otherwise detained but my visits to the supermarket have shown me that there is no flour to be found yet which is a shame. I may have to bulk buy some flour but then I would have the problem of storing it 🙁 Where all the flour has gone – people must be baking a heck of a lot – I would hate to think that a lot of flour is thrown away at the end of all this – what a waste that would be. 🙁

Home made Focaccia

My daughter did bake a Focaccia using flour for our tea the other night. It became the starter as we had eaten it all before dinner was ready. She made the dough, waited patiently for the dough to prove then decorated it with chilli oil, sundried tomatoes, spring onions, red peppers and grated cheese. It was delicious, smelt divine but involved a very tedious method as you had to leave the dough for quite a while before you could bake it. At this rate, I am going to run out of flour and then I will have to try out some “flourless cake and cookie” recipes. I think that is the answer don’t you?

Just a short post today to let you know I’m still here planning, creating and evolving my home baking business into a better more efficient little business that suits my life at home. There is so much to do in my house even in lockdown so I have plenty to keep myself busy, loads of family to talk to, both in my house and on the other end of a phone or computer screen and places to hide when I want peace and quiet – my bedroom or garden is my sanctuary 🙂 . Back to the studying now for me – after I have had my lunch anyway as I am determined to pass this online course in teaching. 🙂 This lockdown needs us all to keep busy and not forget about others who may be struggling for whatever reason. It is a hard time for us all.