Well I have done what I said I would do and added the recipe for my pumpkin & choc chip muffins to my recipes  https://www.love-to-bake.uk/recipes. If you want to try them for yourselves then just hop over to my website and have a look.

Going to make some cupcakes with a spooky theme with the children at the weekend. Just thinking about the flavour I am going to do.

I feel that all I do on this website are recipes which are high in sugar, not very healthy at all. So I am looking into making some healthier bakes. Watch this space.

An Update

After reading this post I am going to re-add  my recipe for the Pumpkin and chocolate chip muffin recipe as well as re-post my changes to this recipe which I originally  added to my things to try page. As I don’t have this page anymore I am going to add this as a blog post instead.