Today is a catching up on jobs kind of day. There are so many things to be done and the children are on their Easter holidays so I have the job of keeping them entertained as well. It is not that nice a day today but I am in the baking mood. My husband said something to me this morning about making some hot cross buns but with a twist so with that in mind I am trying to do some jobs and think about that idea at the same time. I have included my Hot Cross Buns recipe in my Easter Treats book which is the perfect little gift for someone you know who loves baking, or even for yourself. The recipes I have shared in it are not available on my website or anywhere else that I have used so this book is unique. It is available as an e-book or as a paperback from Amazon.

There are fifteen recipes in this book and the one I am going to play around with is the Hot Cross Buns one. I have seen adverts for these buns with different flavours in them from shops such as Marks and Spencers and Asda with unusual flavours like white chocolate and cranberry or chocolate orange.

There are so many Easter Egg offers on at the moment that I can’t decide where to take the children  to let them choose one. There are certainly too many offers to add on to the blog. The best bet is to just look around especially if you want something different.

Here is a brilliant idea buy an egg for someone and give them a copy of my Baking at it’s Best -Easter Treats book as a little extra. Gosh I have suddenly become hard sell. That is so not me. Back to the other jobs I must go. I started an ingredient article yesterday all about lemons and their usefulness in baking. Weird I know but a vital ingredient all the same.  I am adding it to my ingredient page on my website So if you feel like finding out a bit more about [amazon_textlink asin=’B003O3E6P0′ text=’lemons’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’wwwlovetobake-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’6ba7713f-1e97-11e7-a700-17bd1f25ec74′] then go and take a look.

The last few days have been spent baking different ideas for my next recipe book. the photos have turned out really good so my skills must be improving -that and I am using a better camera than my phone. I have been studying an online food photography course with a blogger I know and it seems to be working well. I noticed that the first book I published had a few things wrong with and it is now back online after a few tweaks here and there. My husband had a lot to do with this as he bought the paperback so he could check it all. I am glad he did as I am using it as a template for where not to go wrong again with subsequent books. My first book is called Baking at it’s Best: Advice and recipes for home bakers and would be entrepreneurs. It is available from Amazon also as an e-book and paperback.

I wrote this book to try and record all my ideas about how to set up your own business from start to finish. I feel I managed to accomplish this and the only reason I stopped running my market stall was for family reasons and I needed a slight change of direction. I am pleased I had the market stall but I am glad I have started writing for a living and I only wish I had started it years ago. Life is never a straight road though and there are so many choices along the way that who knows where they will end up. Back to the kitchen I must go – I have suddenly gone all philosophical  and deep.  I must get on with some creating and developing and I will share the photos later. 🙂