My recipe books are on offer this week, two out of the three are reduced down to 99 pence for one week only. What a bargain. I loved writing these books, so much so, that I am just starting another one which will be available after the summer holidays.  Go and grab yourself a copy whilst they are cheap. However, if you are with kindle unlimited you can borrow them from the kindle lending library for nothing.  Once, I have written a few of these little recipe books I will be selling them as a boxed set which I am quite excited about.

My first book has received a brilliant review which I am still trying to get added to my Amazon Author page. I sent my book to a private reviewer at Reader’s Favourite as I had not received a review on Amazon and now I am just waiting for it to be added to my page. This is a copy of the review:-


Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favourite

Do you enjoy cooking? Baking? Does everyone enjoy eating your creations? Perhaps some have even suggested that you could start up a business with your food delights. Well, why not! Others have done it, and quite successfully, too. Why not you? V. Dale has degrees in food science as well as brewing and distilling. But her true love of working in the kitchen began as a child, when she helped her mother and her grandmother with the cooking and baking. She enjoyed the task, but also the positive comments from friends and family alike. It was rewarding to know that people really did enjoy her efforts in the kitchen. After working in the brewing industry for many years, this multi-talented author started her own bakery, so to speak, in her own kitchen. She reached out to the public, setting up a stall to sell her food delights. From savoury dishes like Corned Beef Slice, to the more sweet treats like Chocolate Banana Cake, V. Dale quickly established herself as a much sought after cook and baker.

However, it takes more than a good cook and baker to ensure a successful business. There are regulations to be followed to ensure that the product created is safe to eat as well as delicious. There is also the little matter of insurance and many more practical things to consider. V. Dale, cook/baker turned author, has outlined everything in her book, Baking at its Best: A guide for home bakers and would be entrepreneurs. And once you’ve thoroughly studied the very organised step-by-step guide to creating a successful (and safe) business in the cooking/baking industry, the author shares some of the more popular recipes that quickly sell out when she sets up her Sunday stall at the local market.

I love this review but what would be even better is if any of my readers who have bought a copy of one of my books would leave a review through Amazon. This would be a great help to me in the route to establishing my writing career.

Tomorrow I will add a new recipe idea for Chocolate Brownie Cake with a difference which involves a lot of chocolate and would have been perfect for “World Chocolate Day” but chocolate can be eaten any day of the year so it doesn’t really matter. Does it?  I baked a few goodies at the weekend so I have a few photos to share and  I will add the new links to my books which are on sale this week. WATCH THIS SPACE!!