Yeahh my third recipe book titled “Baking at its Best: Summer Picnic Recipes” is available from Amazon as an e-book and paperback NOW. This book has loads of my favourite picnic recipes which I use a lot when making a picnic for my family. We all have our favourites  in my house and I have found over the years that my children eat more picnic food if they have something different to boring soggy sandwiches and a packet of crisps. Sometimes when I bake these goodies the children will take them as part of their packed lunch which results in them sharing with their friends who see something different on the lunch table. A few times I have found my daughter taking extra to supply a friend with something I have baked for them. But it is nice to share 🙂

Hope you like my advert showcasing my three recipe books so far. I am intending to make them into a boxed set so watch this space.  Other than that I am enjoying the fact that I have finished this book and I can relax a bit before starting on book four. Hehehe!! I am still trying to sort out a couple of problems on my blog and I think I am going to make a book page on my blog to make it easier to see what I have been doing and somewhere to keep my updates on the book writing.

I have some photos to share of what I have baked over the weekend to keep looking for the new additions to the site. Thank you for comments and emails on my recent posts. I will get back to you.