The Week is Flying By

OMG tomorrow is Wednesday and I haven’t managed to do much in the kitchen. It is the middle of the week already. I had an order to post on Monday but as my husband was off work I did not even try to do too much else. After posting the order, I felt like I needed to spend some quiet time with him. When I say quiet time, we actually did the grocery shopping together and that was about it. Bit of a waste of the week really but what can I say. We all get weeks like this. Panic is not really the word but I can feel myself starting to get agitated as there is sooo much I want to do this week.

Tuesday comes around and I have spent most of the morning cleaning the house. Once the house was cleaner and I had worn myself out I decided to add some products to the shop. In actual fact, I only managed to add the Mother’s Day Mini Cake then I had a nap – not quite a “Nana nap” though!!. This cake was a big hit and my children really enjoyed eating this cake at the weekend and there isn’t a crumb left so it must have been good.

Mother's Day Mini Cake
Mother’s Day Mini Cake

Plans For The Week

I am already planning Wednesday as I can spend the whole day in the kitchen working on a few ideas I have to try out. However, I am going to start the prep tonight by baking a dozen Vanilla Cupcakes for an idea I want to try. I have to do these ideas tomorrow as I have orders to bake on Thursday and Friday so I am quite busy at the end of the week. Also, I have several Treat Boxes on order which is good as last week I didn’t get a chance to do the treat boxes due to the customer who had placed an order as when they came to collect their order they bought everything else that was left. Talk about keen but I’m not complaining as it meant I had nothing left which was a great bonus. 🙂

My plans for tomorrow are to make a Cupcake Bouquet as it is something I have always wanted to make. I have seen so many posts and video tutorials about how to make these creations that I have bought all the materials I will need so fingers crossed it works.

Protein Bar Trial

Also, I have a trial to do of Protein Bars for a customer. I have done so much research about Protein Bars and looked at so many ideas. From what ingredients are used, baked or non-baked, what ingredients are higher in protein. The main ingredient to increase the protein in a product is protein powder. However, I didn’t want to go down the protein powder route. So I will share the final nutrition and probably the recipe for these bars when I am happy with the results.

I’m going to make something which has the ingredients for a Banana, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich in it. Sounds gross but I think it will work. I won’t know until I try so roll on tomorrow. My other creations planned for Wednesday are all involving chocolate and Easter and I can’t wait can you? 🙂