Today so far has been a rather hectic but slightly chilled day (if there can be such a thing). I have been in the kitchen making up a new recipe for my next recipe book. The children have just tried out what I made up from two different recipes and I know  it will be a hit. Also I have a picture to show of the inside of the breakfast pie which I made yesterday. My husband and one daughter have been the only ones to eat it. It was something a little bit different for them to have for lunch.

I made the pastry from scratch and lined a loaf tin. then I added the raw ingredients which were sausage, bacon, mushrooms, egg and baked beans. The end result when sliced up did not look very appetising , I don’t think so anyway, as they are mainly things that I don’t like to eat myself, but according to my husband it tasted really good – like a fry up all mixed together. I don’t think I will even share the photo on here so you will just have to imagine.

All my main jobs for a Sunday have been done. The next thing to do is feed the clan with a fry up. I though I would sit down and have a quick catch up on my blog before I start on that job though. Next week is all about hydration and nutrition and how important it is to us in general. I have lots of ideas to share with you on this subject. It is St. Patricks Day next week too so some special bake will have to be made but as I have never made anything to celebrate this day I am having a think about this too. I seem to have spent most of last night just thinking recipes that this morning I had to get in the kitchen and bake something. The children had sugared pretzels for their breakfast. Something quick and easy to fill them up and keep them going till lunch time.

Next week I will be working on my next recipe book which will feature recipes that are great for Easter time. I have a week to get this finished so there will be a few late nights working on this book. It will have more recipes than my first recipe book which is available to buy now from amazon as an e-book or a paperback. The second recipe book will be mainly recipes and have a lot less writing than the first one. My recipe book was so easy to self publish through kindle that I am determined to get another one up and running soon. There are links on my previous blog post about “Recipe Book” for the e-book. On my website at there is the link to amazon for the paperback.

Back to the kitchen I need to go as my children are starting to look hungry again. Hopefully I will have some more photos to share when I head to the kitchen and bake something for St. Patricks Day.