This morning has been a quick baking session. I know I needed to make some brownies for the packed lunches this week. This was my first port of call. I cut down on the amount of sugar in the brownies recipe as I feel they were too sweet. I will let you know the verdict when the children get home to try them. Whilst making these I could smell the overripe bananas in the fruit bowl which I knew no one would eat now so I decided to make some muffins. a spur of the moment decision but one which I thoroughly recommend. I didn’t just want banana flavoured muffins so I added lemon curd to the mixture. whilst they were in the oven I whipped up a crumble mix with flour, butter, porridge oats and brown sugar. I sprinkled this on the muffins whilst they were baking.

The result was some very tasty muffins which I had to try whilst warm and then again cold. These are absolutely lovely when eaten cold. they come out of the wrappers better when cold and you can really taste the lemon curd.

Tomorrow I am going to make another chocolate fruit cake along with some more chocolate mince tarts which were a hit last week with my husband. I will try and add a photo when I make these. Last week they were eaten before I managed to take a photo. On a final note for today, the weather outside is freezing but my house smells heavenly. I have even made some vegetable broth for dinner tonight which I am serving with dumplings. The slow cooker is working very hard today.