Friday Treat Boxes were a Hit

After a successful weekend which began with the Friday Treat Boxes selling out the weekend just continued to get better and better. In the treat box there were Mini Oreo & White Chocolate Cheesecakes and Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes which were both made containing fresh cream – a real treat for the weekend. For the rest of this weekend I have spent my time keeping the children on track with homework and clubs. My eldest daughter had a dance exam today whilst my other children had a karate grading so they needed to finish their homework on Saturday as the last thing they would want to do was sit and complete homework on Sunday. As I couldn’t be in two places at the same time I had to enlist my husband into the plans so while I was at the karate grading he was at the dance exam 🙂

Friday Treat Box Goodies

After this mornings’ activities were finished we met up for a MacDonalds treat. This allowed me to have a night off from cooking the kitchen – a welcome treat for myself. 🙂

Trial Posting of a Chocolate Treat

My plans for Monday are to make and post a Chocolate Bunny Gift Bag to my niece as I want to check how these chocolate moulded products travel. Also, there is plenty to do in the house which I haven’t managed to do over the weekend but my main job is to catch up on paperwork and prepare for the orders for the week ahead.

Chocolate Bunny, Mini Bunnies and Mini Eggs
Chocolate Bunny, Mini Bunnies and Mini Eggs

I think my treat box for this week will be a savoury one but it all depends what other orders I receive during the week. As I already have a few orders booked in I will have to make sure I don’t overstretch myself as I need to maintain a split between my work and my time with my family. This last week I have noticed that I am working when I should be with my children so I must be more organised this week. Sometimes it can’t be helped though and when you are self employed you just have to be working when you have the time as my husband keeps telling me “I shouldn’t feel guilty as I am working to help look after my family” which is a good thing. I think my children understand that I am working from home but then my youngest keeps walking in the kitchen when I am busy and will say “Mam why are you always baking?” so I think he doesn’t quite understand and still sees my role as his mother as my only position which in his world I am but in my world I can do both – a mother first and a home business person second.

Tomorrow I will be calculating up how many orders I have for “Mother’s Day” and what spaces I have left. I will add this information to my webshop and on social media sites. Also, I need to share how many Easter Treat Boxes I can complete this year – it is my first year of doing these boxes but after much success with the Christmas Eve Treat Boxes I decided to try out the Easter Treat Boxes too. Anyway enough for now as I still have loads to do and it is getting late so I’m going to have to call it a day and head to my bed 🙂