Last night I started to work on my webshop products looking at the prices, photos, etc., and made some major changes. I have reduced the prices as I think in order to get established I need to lower the prices to get my products out there. I may be wrong here but you have to take into account the postal charges which some businesses include in the original price for the products and then state that the delivery is free which is clearly not the case. In  my costings for each product I have factored in  the ingredients, fuel for baking the product, packaging, webshop costs, insurance costs. At the same time, I will keep an eye on the costs of the ingredients, packaging and so on and adjust the prices as and when needed.  I still think they are too low but will adjust them when I need too. I am still making a profit on what it costs to bake the products and it is  a profit which is still more than what I made in my market days so I am happy with that.

Yesterday, I baked some Blondies for a change for the children to eat this week.  For dinner, last night, I made some Vegetable Broth – to use up some vegetables and Homemade Bread to serve with it. For those children who don’t eat broth they had the homemade bread with bacon and chips. Today, I am making a Homemade Curry with Naan Breads for tea with a homemade Banoffi Pie for dessert.

Oh, I am sharing my first video of myself baking. I shared it on Facebook, a while ago, and have quite a good reception. It is a video for the Plum, Forest Fruit and Rhubarb Crumble and with the addition of my husband’s handy guitar work I think it turned out quite well. I am busy working on another two videos at the moment to share soon. Maybe I will try to video myself baking today – children permitting!! As you can see I now have a Youtube channel called and Instagram too. I am going to be watching the numbers of viewers and visitors to my page for a while to see if these two social sites change my numbers significantly.

A major promotion will be happening with my new book “A Year of Baking For Family and Friends” this month too. From the 19th January for one week the e-book will be available from 99p and will increase in price over the week. Keep an eye out for this deal. 🙂

Back to the behind the scenes jobs I must go as I have another 3 videos to edit – my poor husband can not keep up with me at the moment. Also. I need to write up my next couple of recipes as I baked yesterday but one of the bakes was a disaster in my eyes but a big hit with the children. :/ Maybe I will share the video and the recipe with the mistakes which I made and how to rectify the recipe?