So much for adding another recipe today. Instead I have gutted my sons bedroom and now he has more room to play in but less toys to play with. Never mind I am sure my daughters will soon have his room full of their toys as well. Nothing like spreading out into more space to see what you have got to play with. As there was more space to play in my daughters and myself decided to look through some old photos from when I was a teen onwards. We had such a giggle and it was nice to reminisce about times gone by. The children were even laughing at photos from when they were babies. 🙂

Back to the weekend baking,  tomorrow, I am going to bake a Chocolate Tray Bake as I have two preteens who are craving chocolate (should keep them happy). I thought I would make a tray bake where one half was covered in chocolate ganache and chocolate which the children will all like and the other side will have peanut butter incorporated into it, then covered in nutty chocolate. Still have ideas floating around I  my head for this.

A savoury idea which I really want to try is to make some Crispy Battered Vegetables for the children to try with rice (not very healthy I know)  but I haven’t decide what type of batter to make yet. I will get back to you on this one. Also, I want to make my own Falafels, as these are my favourite snack food at the moment. They are made with chick peas and I love chick peas.  I have made hummus with them which was a great hit. There is a chick pea slimming world recipe which involves the chick peas being coated in spices and dry roasted in the  oven till they turn crunchy on the outside and are still soft on the inside. I make these regularly for myself to have as a snack but find that my husband and daughters eat more of them than myself so they never last very long.

Tomorrow, I will add my Plum Crumble Cake recipe as my idea for “National Allotment Week”. This week, my children and I have found plenty of fresh blackberries to try whilst walking around going to visit friends, shopping, etc., near where we live. We could have picked them to bake with at home but instead we were just eating them straight off the branches. A bit naughty I know but they were lovely and sweet from all the sun we have had lately.

This is just a few ideas which I have to try and catch up on as I have been writing up some recipes for my next book which is all about Halloween recipes. I am going to do some research on batter making without using a [amazon_textlink asin=’B01G7L4EKM’ text=’deep fat fryer’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’wwwlovetobake-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’5a2cb531-851b-11e7-8147-ffa062e54a55′] as I don’t own one. It is something I have never wanted to own so I have always avoided any deep fat fried foods – I will just have to find a way around this problem like I did with the baked doughnuts which I baked.

Don’t forget that two of my books are available for 99c through until the 23rd August so go and grab yourself a copy right now. The links are on the side of my blog.