This week, I am hoping to gain some confidence in writing with icing on Cookies. This is a skill which I would love to master and the only way to do it is to practice, practice and practice some more. I have already made the dough which I left chilling in the fridge for 24 hours 🙂 I have a few ideas which I want to try and I have been watching plenty of videos on Youtube to get some help so I am good to go.

Yesterday, I made a start on baking and decorating the Cookies and really enjoyed myself – so much so – that I lost track of time and nearly missed school pick up 🙂 I cut out lots of different cookie shapes as I wanted to try out lots of different cookie styles. I made my royal icing using egg white powder as it has been suggested by many other bakers due to the risk of using raw egg white although I have used it in the past but maybe it is time for a change. The royal icing has turned out okay but my icing techniques need to improve, Thankfully I have several tasters in my house who are quite prepared to eat what I am not wanting to keep for photographic purposes.

Bunny Cookie (first attempt) 🙂

As of yet, I have not tried to write on any of the Cookies but I have an app on my phone now which projects the writing onto my cookie so it is just the tracing over with the icing or maybe an edible ink pen that I have to do and this is the tricky bit. I don’t know if it is because I am left handed or not but the positioning of the phone on the stand is proving difficult. I do have a pico projector but I am waiting for a specific hdmi cable to arrive before I can try and use it. Apparently my phone is the main problem – according to my husband – and I need an iphone?? Today, I have not had any time to practice writing with icing or to continue decorating the Cookies as I have had a morning catching up with one of my best friends and I really needed some time adulting for a change. The sun was shining and the coffee was flowing but alas my day has been cut short due to picking up my daughter from college early.

It will soon be school pick up time again and I have a meeting later to get to but maybe I will get back to the Cookies tomorrow. Back to Pinterest for myself later so I can pick out some more ideas. Pinterest has a lot to answer for don’t you think? I have seen so many ideas for decorating cookies that I just don’t know where to begin. The Tiktok videos I have seen and the bakers on Instagram are amazing to watch and I am addicted to Cookies now. 🙂