Arghhhh homeschooling don’t you just love it 🙁 This week has been taken up with a lot of this plus trying to fit in just the normal everyday jobs which I need to get through in a week. Very ground hog day. I don’t think the weather has helped much with my interest in doing any of the other jobs which all still need to be done. I’m trying not to stress my self out about it all as it isn’t worth it. Okay, I maybe need to do some washing but I’m not rushing about like a mad woman. (I’m sat here writing instead). Maybe I will get through some jobs in the house over the weekend – if my family help ??

I think my priorities have changed over the last week – either that or I am just too tired to keep going with everything. My mind is on the house move which is looming ever closer and we are still not packing anything. My husband’s attitude is that he doesn’t want to tempt fate so we are just waiting patiently for the exchange of contracts then we will get on with the packing. Great plan or what? Part of me must be wanting to make a start as I am not sleeping very well due to thinking about the packing??

Last week, was a busy one – a birthday cake extravaganza of a week. I had an order from a customer for a Giant Peach Melba (birthday cake alternative) – which I had never tried to make before and it was worrying me a bit plus my daughter’s special request for her “cow print themed cake”, as well as, an order for a Chocolate Drip Cake. I loved every minute of it and was quite pleased with myself for managing to home school and bake orders. This week has been a welcome break for a few days from customer orders and I found some time, yesterday, to hide in the kitchen and bake – it was my therapy – Choc Chip Cookies and Brownies.

The Choc Chip Cookies were yummy even though my husband described them as “Farley’s Rusks” with dark chocolate chips added to them. Oohh Farley’s Rusks I loved eating them with my children when they were younger. The Cookies weren’t anything like Farley’s Rusks, by the way, my husband is just rude. They were rustic and chewy – more so the day after and very nice with a cuppa. 🙂

The Brownies which I baked were a new recipe which I wanted to try and was a combination of two of my other brownie recipes. I decided which parts of the recipes I liked the best and what part the different ingredients played in the perfect brownie for myself. I think I am too picky really as whatever Brownies I bake are eaten by my family and it is just myself who finds fault with them. These Brownies are just the right side of squidgy, not over fudgy but not too sponge like either. I love them – in fact I had some last night for dessert with some pouring cream- yummy!! As for baking them in my new tin well the mixture rose right over the top of the dividers so I had to cut the Brownies out of the tin in the end. Less mixture must be used the next time I bake them but the dividers are great for separating the different flavour additions which I like to try out in my Brownies 🙂

Friday at last, another week gone, I am so looking forward to the weekend but I don’t think the rest of family are as I will be wanting to clean and tidy the whole house – plus a bit of packing and sorting too. In between, I will cook some nice meals for them to enjoy and my daughter has a Pear Pudding to bake as part of her food technology for next week. I don’t think I will be following the recipe though as we are going to bling it up and add ginger, chocolate and a sauce to the recipe 🙂 (Sunday dinner treat).

Any way, next week my plans are to keep packing, keep smiling, keep baking and keep going. What about you? Stay Safe, stay home and have a nice weekend 🙂