Brownies and Blondies are a very popular bake which lots of people enjoy eating but to actually bake them to perfection takes a lot of practice. I think over the last few months I have baked about 70 trays of Brownies and Blondies – some of which have been okay, some a disaster and some have turned out great. I have looked at and compared so many recipes and methods as to how to improve on a recipe but to no avail. I have a standard recipe which I use for these bakes right now but I would like my Brownies and Blondies to be less cake like in texture so I have been working on it for quite a while.I have never had any complaints about them but I just want to prove to myself that I can change the recipe to resemble a standard Brownie or Blondie. Now I think I have cracked it and I am ready to roll so the new Brownie and Blondie recipes will be tried out on a few regular customers I know 🙂

Let’s start with the Brownies. Some recipes don’t use chocolate in the recipe just cocoa but most of them use both which makes them richer in chocolate flavour and a whole lot gooier. If you like your Brownies like this then there are loads of recipes out there to try. 🙂 My new recipe uses both chocolate and cocoa unlike my standard Brownie recipe where I only add cocoa but I will be changing this soon. For my trial bake this week I baked Kinder Bueno Brownies and they went down a treat with my family, so much so, that I have added them to the Friday Treat Box for this week.

Kinder Bueno Brownies
Kinder Bueno Brownies

The sugar used in the Brownies can change the texture so it is definitely worth experimenting to see what you like the most. Brown sugar gives a rich fudge like taste to the Brownies which I like but I don’ like the fudge gooey texture of a Brownie. However, the amount of sugar used in the recipe determines not only the sweetness of the Brownie but also the crackled effect on the surface of the Brownie – a desired look for some but not all recipes create this effect.

To alter the texture cornflour can be added which seems to soak up some of the excess gooey bit and make the brownie appear more solid in texture which I prefer to be honest but if you do add cornflour make sure there isn’t too much egg in the mixture or else you end up with a very thick stodgy omelette. 🙁

Baking powder is used in my original recipe but I won’t be adding this in my new recipe as the baking powder gives the cake like texture to the Brownies and I’m trying to avoid that now.

Now for the Blondies which are the “ying to the yang” of the Brownies as they don’t contain cocoa or any chocolate, in general, but you can use white chocolate instead of dark chocolate if you are using a Brownie recipe to make Blondies. No brown sugar is used in the Blondies as it will darken the colour instead golden caster and granulated make a good combination. My trial Blondies for this week were Jammy Dodger Blondies and they are out of this world which is why I have added these to the Friday Treat Box too.

Jammy Dodger Blondies
Jammy Dodger Blondies

As I have said Blondies don’t usually have white chocolate added to the recipe unlike the Brownies which I think just makes the Blondies over sweet. Personal choice maybe but I won’t be adding melted white chocolate to the Blondies recipe just white choc chips, if needed.

Again I have cut the sugar down in the my new Blondie recipe as I feel all the Blondie recipes I tried had too much sugar added to them and when other sweet ingredients are added to the recipes there is no need for so much sugar. I don’t think so anyway? 🙂

So now to the good part, once I have sourced some of the extra ingredients in particular, Biscoff Spread which I love 🙂 but I can’t get this from my local supermarket but I have actually found some huge jars on Amazon which I may have to buy in order to start some trials 🙂 Until then the Blondies and Brownies which I have on the webshop will continue to be made using my standard recipes. If anyone can send me some Lotus Biscoff spread I will gladly reimburse you 🙂

Now I’m off for a bike ride then prep for another order to be posted tomorrow, of your favourite and mine, Empire Biscuits 🙂 You just all seem to love them which is just great and my pleasure to be able to bake them for you all. 🙂