Still time to grab a copy of two of my recipe books which are available for 99p from Amazon right now until the 2nd of November.

The first book I wrote is “Baking at its best: Advice for home bakers and would be entrepreneurs“. This book is all about the decisions which I made about setting up my own homebaking business from scratch many years ago. I have written all about homebaking from the recipes to choose, the packaging and ingredients choices, where to sell your baked goods from and I have included the most popular recipes I used when I ran my stall at a local market.

The second book “Baking at its best: Easter Treats” is packed full of recipes to be based around Easter but there is nothing to stop you from baking a Simnel Cake any other time of the year too. Lots of these recipes I tend to change the flavours of and have just recently started to make them with alternative ingredients, such as gluten free flour and egg replacer. Infact, yesterday, I baked the Easter Blondies recipe but used gluten free flour in the recipe and the children cannot tell the difference.

Right now back to the baking and what I have been doing this last few days. I have been rather busy in the kitchen baking “Christmas Cakes” ( yes I know it is early but you have to let the cakes mature). The first few cakes I am going to post to family or friends to make sure they are delivered in tip top condition. I have made smaller sample cakes for my husband to try as he loves fruit cake. I have tried them too and these cakes are really nice.

Iced Chocolate Fruit Cake (6 inch)

The first cake is a Chocolate Fruit Cake which is based on a recipe by Nigella Lawson except I have tweaked it a little bit. I love the idea of chocolate in a fruit cake as I don’t really like traditional fruit cake which is packed full of fruit and mixed peel so I tend to make mine without the mixed peel. I love the marzipan with the chocolate fruit cake so I tend to cover and decorate these cakes but you can buy them naked (as it were).

Round Crumble Topped Fruit Cake

The other type of fruit cake I have made for sale on my webshop is a Crumble Topped Fruit and Nut Cake which I find really yummy especially as I have added nuts to the recipe but these can be left out if you are allergic to nuts. I do not ice this cake as the crumble topping is enough of a decoration and a delicious crunchy contrast to the yummy cake. The cake is made with sweet mincemeat and when I opened the new jar yesterday morning the smell was divine that I will need to make some sweet mincemeat tarts soon.

Once these cakes have been delivered I will add them to my webshop and they will be available in lots of different sizes and shapes. In the meantime, my gluten free and egg free cookies are available on the webshop along with my yummy homemade traybakes. Just go and take a look if you feel like ordering anything as a weekend treat for friends and family (or just for yourself). These goodies can be delivered to your door or you can order for collection if you are local.