Yep that is how long there is left to but my first two recipe books for 99p from Amazon before the price goes back up to £1.99. If you do buy or read one of my books it would be really nice if you could leave me a review on Amazon to say what you thought of it as the more reviews I have the better it is. Not that I am trying to be pushy or anything. Hehehe.  Enough about the books though and let us move to the webshop and the new additions which I will be adding soon.

I am going to add Fruit Cakes to my webshop followed by the different types of decorations which I can offer as you don’t just have fruit cake for Christmas do you?  I will be adding the option of a Gluten Free Fruit Cake too, as I have already added the Gluten Free and Egg Free Cookies to the webshop. However, some of the cookies are in packs of 12 and others are in packs of 20, so I need to regulate this and make the cookie portions all the same. Therefore, I need to do baking of these cookies so that I can standardise the sizes. This can be a problem when you are a homebaker – the sizes of everything can vary greatly but this is even more evident when trialling with alternative ingredients which I am only just getting the hang of in the kitchen.

My next bake this week will be sweet mince tarts which will be gluten free and this will make them suitable for a vegan diet as I always use sweet mincemeat which does not contain beef suet.  Also, as it is Bonfire Night at the weekend, I am going to make some Chocolate Gingerbread for family and friends to enjoy over the weekend. I will be sharing this recipe with some changes which can be made.

For the rest of the night, I am going to start adding my Fruit Cakes to the webshop as I know they have arrived safely via the Royal Mail, to their destinations which I am really pleased about.