Where has this month gone. Everything is moving way too fast for me right now that I just want to take a step off and catch my breath but I don’t think that is allowed is it? I have so much to catch up that my brain has gone into overdrive. I have plenty of bakes to keep myself busy with over the next two weeks and then it will be all go for Halloween – my favourite time of year 🙂

My Monday has started with an order for Sprinkles Cake for a customer to collect later. My kitchen smells delicious and I even managed to make a little video which I may share later as a Tiktok? I feel like I haven’t made any videos or shared anything really this last month but my time has been taken up with family I’m afraid. I have a university student now living away from home and taking her first steps into real life. Judging by her messages over the weekend I feel she wishes she had taken me up on the offer of doing some washing whilst at home but she is having to learn the hard way 🙂 Oh to be a student again!

Freshly baked to Order Sprinkles Cake

My plans for this week in between the orders which I have to do are to work on some “Halloween” ideas which I am wanting to try and if they work I may add them to the webshop. I have some admin work to get through which I didn’t finish at the weekend but I was really tired as we have been kept busy over the weekend doing jobs which we couldn’t put off any longer. It has been a very productive weekend even though I do say so myself :). However, the week ahead is going to be just as productive as I have Empire Biscuits and a Giant Cupcake to make so I am going to be stuck in the kitchen which I don’t mind as I can get my cupboards sorted at the same time.

My “Halloween” order for baking decorations is in and I can’t wait for it to arrive. Next on the agenda is to check the packaging which I have in stock and maybe order a few bits before I run out. Always good to be prepared. I have a few emails and messages to reply to before the end of today and I am hoping to post on some social media sites too. Nothing like piling the pressure on is there – so much for taking a step off this whirlwind called life – sometimes you just have to go with the flow. 🙂