It is Autumn, at last, so it’s time to jump into Halloween and then Christmas. I love Halloween as I get to bake loads of scary things for my family and customers. This year I decided to offer the Halloween Treat Boxes for postal delivery as well as collection. I think the bakes will travel well except for the cupcake so I am going to bake a Blondie instead. Not just any Blondie – oh no!! This will be a Bloodshot Eye Blondie with a swirl of strawberry jam running through the Blondie and a drizzle of red chocolate on the top along with a Bloodshot Eye. The Bloodshot Eye will be made from chocolate and wrapped in foil courtesy of Aldi 🙂

I’m working on a couple of ideas for a Autumn Fayre which I am taking part in soon. It is an online event so there will be no need to be in contact with anyone but I am trying to think of different ideas for “Halloween” and “Christmas” that I haven’t seen online. Fingers crossed you will like my new ideas as I think they are pretty cool. 🙂

This last week, I have been busy making the Chocolate Bites which are part of the Halloween Treat Box as these items will keep well until the collection or postal day arrives. This week, my plans are to make the Marshmallow Pops and get them packed ready for the treat boxes so when the weather turns I will crack on in the kitchen making these. I have orders to bake for collection this week too, so I will be working around any other baking orders to get my Halloween prep done.

As it is half term, at the end of the week, I am trying to get all my supplies organised so that I don’t have to try and go to any supermarkets next week. I am going to order from a wholesalers for a lot of my ingredients as it is so much easier. My packaging is nearly in order too and I am on top of many of the jobs that i have to do behind the scene to keep my little home baking business going.

Back to my new idea which I will be adding to the webshop later today. This new product involves a bit of chocolate work in the form of a handmade Halloween Chocolate Pot which I make in “Halloween” colours for this special time of year. I have made these Chocolate Pots before as I used to sell them on my market stall full of sweets but this time the Chocolate Pot will have Scary Gingerbread People Cookies or Bloodshot Eye Blondies inside them. All of this product will have a scary “Halloween” theme to it as I love Halloween. 🙂 This product will only be available for collection due to the fragility of the Chocolate Pot but the best part of this product is the fact that after the Cookies or Blondies (or sweets if that is what you would prefer) are eaten you can then let your little monsters eat the Chocolate Pot. Now there are not many baked products around where you can do that really are there??

A Halloween Chocolate Pot with Bloodshot Eye Blondies

Today I am going to be working behind the scenes adding to the products and I am thinking of doing some work on my Facebook shop and Instagram shop. Let me know what you think about this idea as I haven’t bothered doing anything really on these two social media sites with regards a shop. If I manage to get through these jobs I have some videos I want to edit and add to my Youtube channel which I keep forgetting about. So today is all about the social media and getting my business out there. 🙂 Wish me luck!!