This year I have received a variety of orders for regular customers and a few new customers too. It has been lovely (but hectic) making sure I had everything ready for the “Christmas” orders so that I could just get on with everything, as well as, baking for online orders and the stress of posting the bakes to them. However, DPD were the go to delivery service for my orders this year and maybe I will stick with them as an option on the webshop as everyone has their preferred delivery service don’t they?

I had orders for the 23rd December which included Empire Biscuits (old faithful) and Sweet Mince Pies. Lots and lots of Sweet Mince Pies actually and I have a few spares of both bakes for some neighbours too. The last of the Christmas Cakes were collected and my kitchen has smelt divine all week. The “Christmas” tunes have played all week in the background which just added to the ambiance.

Christmas Eve was a manic day of baking as I had lots and lots to do. I managed to get the pastry and doughs made the day before just to save a bit of time as I had everything to bake from Sandwich Cakes to Quiche and a whole lot more! A bit of challenge but I sometimes I like to be challenged and I was sure I could do it. I had a mix of sweet and savoury bakes to do with a few spares for my own family to enjoy so nothing has gone to waste 🙂

Running your own home baking business is really hard at times and this last month I have struggled to share any bakes which I have made on any of the social media apps even though I made videos etc., as I just haven’t had the time. I have seen an increase in views on various sites especially google so I must be doing something right I just feel I need to do a whole lot more to get back to where I was in 2019 – pre lockdown. I am determined that 2023 will be the year when I see my numbers go back to where they were several years ago but I need to work a whole lot harder to get there.

I am sticking with what I like to do which is bake for my family and customers. I enjoy trying my hand at new bakes and I love watching what other bakers are doing but in the end I like to do my own thing rather than follow the crowd. There are so many home bakers out there offering their services and using their skills to create delicious treats so there is something for even the most discerning palate. This last year has seen me turn down orders for various reasons and even the odd job offer of supplying bakes to local cafes in my area. Sometimes you just have to get your priorities right and do what works for you and you alone. Trying to please everyone is not the answer which is something I have learned over the years but when I receive feedback and reviews along with the repeat customers for my bakes it makes it all worthwhile. Thank you all for your continued custom. Here’s to a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!