This week has been spent practising my decorating of Cookies as I am wanting to try my hand at “wedding favours”. As this is something I have never tried before I thought I would have a little go at home whilst I wasn’t busy with other things.

I bought all the cookie cutters, icing and food colours as I wanted to add to my already large collection of decorating utensils. I had a great time hunting through my extensive assortment of goodies and playing with icing and colours etc. Whilst searching for what to use when decorating Cookies I was able to plan what I needed to source next to make my job easier.

My cookie ideas went from wedding themed decorations to valentine themed as weddings are all about being in love usually 🙂 So I ended up making Valentine Cookies and Wedding Favour Cookies. The best part was that the ideas just kept flowing and the creativity and overall calmness of just enjoying the task which is something that I really want to experience again.

I tried my hand at piping words onto the Cookies, as well as, practising for a birthday cake for my daughter and I decided that I wanted to invest in a mini projector, as after watching video tutorials on Youtube, I think this will make it easier for myself in the long run as decorated cookies are something I wish to develop further as I had so much fun! (The children enjoyed the Cookies which was a bonus)

The mini projector was ordered and has arrived and I am hoping to have a practice this weekend – who knows I may bake some more cookies to decorate and share with you on Monday to show you how I am getting on. 🙂 I have been researching other cookie recipes to try as I baked Shortbread for my first trial but I am wondering if another type of cookie would be better when decorated as I feel the Shortbread went soft quickly when decorated.

As it is the weekend, I have plenty to do at home so it looks like it is going to be a busy one again. The weeks are flying by and I can’t believe it is going to be February next week. My plans for meals over the weekend are to use the Hello Fresh order which I received yesterday as I feel like I need to eat healthy, tasty food – well I hope it is going to be tasty as my sense of taste and smell has still not returned completely and I am still not eating properly as nothing tastes the same anymore. Food that I used to enjoy might as well be cardboard now – all due to Covid 🙁 As the weather doesn’t look very nice for the weekend I think it will be a weekend of doing jobs in the house ready for the week ahead and maybe to free up my time next week so that I can concentrate on 🙂