It’s Sunday afternoon, all the school jobs are finished and everything is prepped for the week ahead but my head is full of ideas which I just need to try out in the kitchen and then I can share the results. I’m so excited that I have spent quite a bit of money just making sure I have everytihng ready for this week.

I can’t wait for tomorrow so I can make a start as the sooner I try out my ideas the better as I haven’t slept well for at least 24 hours and it hasn’t been due to Covid 🙂 For some reason, I have resumed working, after the Covid isolation in my house, with renewed energy and an awful lot of imagination that I feel I had been lacking for some time. For a while in the last four months, I was applying for jobs elsewhere as I felt I was going nowhere with but after realising that I had no choice but to be self employed, as it fits in my family life and keeps me out of trouble. I have slowly built up my supplier, business and customer network as with moving house everytihng changed and pushed myself to try harder. It has felt like I have been starting all over again since moving house and I know it just takes time but I will get there.

Blogging Notebook
Blogging Notebook

My first job tomorrow after taking my son to school is to make some cookie dough which I will roll out and keep in the fridge for a wee while. Whilst the dough is chilling, I will bake some Blondies (trial recipe) and some Brownies and they will be getting a “Valentine’s Day” makeover. These may be for sale so watch out over the next couple of days for any spares that may be available.

Once the Blondies and Brownies are baked it will be back to the Cookies which I will need to bake and cool down before the real fun begins. I have so much sugarpaste work to do over the next few days I just can’t wait. 🙂

In between, all of the sugarpaste work, I have an idea to try with my Empire Biscuits and there are deliveries which I am waiting for which I am really looking forward to receiving. 🙂 You would think it was “Christmas” again the way I am behaving. There have been so many packages that my son can’t choose what to make next out of the cardboard packaging. 🙂

Wednesda,y is the day for my Birthday Cake order which I am looking forward to doing as my daughter has asked for something that I haven’t tried in a long time. This cake will be using a lot of sugarpaste flowers so I definitely need to nip to the supermarket tomorrow to stock up for the week ahead 🙂