Well I have jumped on the train and joined all the other bakers who have baked and offered for sale Cookie Pies. I have taken so long to with this decision as I feel that the market was flooded with all the different flavours and styles of these Cookie Pies and I just didn’t want to compete. Not only are there flavours to consider but the size of the Cookie Pie and the cost to make it, as well as, the price to market them at has to be taken into consideration.

My Cookie Pies will not be as deep as others I have seen as I think they will be too sickly to eat so the filling will just be a thin layer to act as a contrast to the cookie dough. Also, I won’t be decorating the top of the Cookie Pie unless requested for a special occasion but the price will reflect this. I think the top being decorated would be overkill but if this Cookie Pie was for a party then I can see why it being decorated would make it special centre piece and the Cookie Pie would go further as a small taste of the finished Cookie Pie would be enough for anyone unless you have a really sweet tooth 🙂 The photo below is courtesy of my neighbour who tried one of my first Cookie Pies and I just love her review and photo 🙂

Kit Kat Cookie Pie
Kit Kat Cookie Pie

If you look on Pinterest there are many different styles of Cookie Pie to try so there is a lot of choice out there but in the meantime I will keep looking at what I would like to offer as flavours for the Cookie Pies. At present I have gone with standard flavours plus a couple of ideas from customers so I will see how it goes but I think my Cookie Pies products will change with time.

The method of making a Cookie Pie is quite laborious as you have to make the dough, shape the dough add the filling and freeze it before adding the dough lid and then bake the whole lot together. Talk about a long winded method for quite a simple idea. I think the reason for the freezing of the base and filling are to make sure the filling – kit kats in this case – maintain their shape inside the Cookie Pie. It is a clever method actually and one that is used a lot when baking the filled Cookies etc. However, making these Cookie Pies has given me another idea I want to get round to trying but more about this another time.

In the meantime, I am going to bake and post a Kinder Bueno Cookie Pie filled with kinderella sauce and Bueno bars and probably try it for postal delivery – just to check how it travels. I wonder who I should post it to?? Are there any kinder lovers out there?