Even though it is half term here I have plenty to keep myself busy this week. I have orders for Cheese Scones to bake at the end of the week but in the mean time I want to get ahead of myself and start preparing for “Mother’s Day” and “Easter” – the next two big events in the foodie calendar.

I have already placed an order for Mother’s Day and Easter cake decorations for the Mother’s Day Cupcakes and Easter Bakes orders but I still need to have a good shop around for some more supplies. I have placed an order with Tyneside Food Services for all the Empire Biscuits essentials which I am running short of due to the demand for these biscuits. I am playing catch up this week due to going away to York at the weekend with another of my daughters. She had an offer day at a university down there so we met up with my eldest daughter. Suddenly I feel like my children are flying the nest and I will just have my husband for company – quite a sad feeling but also the freedom we will have will be great.!!

I do enjoy the holidays as it is a welcome break from the school runs and timing my work around the children. Instead I can just sit and work to my hearts content as long as the children don’t want me for anything but as they are older now they can fend for themselves most of the time. However, I will try and take them out somewhere this week as a treat. I am thinking the beach for a walk and a chippy tea now that the days are getting longer.

My plans for tomorrow are to make a start on the miniature chocolate bunnies which I need for the Easter Cupcakes plus I have a few chocolate ideas which I want to try out on my family before “Easter” comes around. I don’t think I will have much trouble getting my family to eat chocolate though. 🙂 I am looking forward to tempering chocolate tomorrow and spending sometime in the kitchen. I am all prepared for an early start and I have even had time to separate all my cutters into theme so I don’t have to spend time searching for the ones I need in my cookie cutter box. I am feeling so organised this afternoon it is scary. Just a quick trip in the morning to grab a few items that I couldn’t pick up today and I am all ready to hide in the kitchen and bake.

There isn’t much of gap between “Mothering Sunday” on the 19th March 2023 and “Easter Sunday” on the 9th April 2023 so I really need to be organised if I am going to complete all the jobs which I have to do. I sometimes wish I had someone working with me but then I think how that would change the routines that I set myself and the dynamics of Love-to-bake.uk. So I think I will just stay as myself – one woman home baking business and keep going. 🙂