Just been catching up on a few things today that I needed to do on the website and blog with the help of my husband. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be able to run my own blog and website and I think at the moment it all looks really good with a few tweaks here and there.

I decided to bite the bullet and join Linkedin and Google plus  yesterday just to see if it made any difference to the traffic through my sites. It seems to be working, judging from the statistics, so fingers crossed it continues and I break the 1000  visitors per week bracket. I like the idea that loads of people are seeing my posts. Whether or not they are reading them I don’t know as I never seem to get any comments from any of my readers. It would be lovely to have some comments, positive would be nice, but I can cope with constructive criticism  too. 🙂

Also I posted some comments of my own  on my favourite food blogs and received replies the very same day.  I am really pleased with the replies from Cookie & Kate and  Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen and I will be contacting them and others again in the near future. I hope that they will return the favour sometime in the near future as well and I can strike up some form of communication with them.

For dinner tonight, fish is on the menu because it is Good Friday. For dessert I am making  an Apple and Forest Fruit Crumble which we will be having with custard.  The picture I have used is not my crumble, as mine is not baked yet but this is the closest I could find. I will share the recipe and a photo of my own crumble another day.  I think,  for my next bake, I will make some Blondies tomorrow with a coffee and Easter twist to them. (after reading my fave food blogs I have been inspired). Watch this space  for my new idea over the weekend – it will definitely be a hit with my family.