Another Ingredient Added

I thought I would have an easy day and add the last of my ingredient articles to my ingredient page before I forget. I do have a couple of other articles written that I just need to finish and then I can add those too, but for now, soft spread will do. Soft spread When

Tea time

Juggling Jobs

At the moment I feel like I am juggling jobs. I have so much to do but not enough hours in teh day to get things finished. Tomorrow, I am planning on making a Vegetable Curry and Rice, in the slow cooker, with plenty of flavour from the yummy spices which I am going to

Rosy Red Apple

Teachers Presents

Yesterday, I seem to have a day off  from writing on my blog. I am not sure why just that I was extremely busy doing other things. I did supervise my children making their teachers presents last night for the end of term. They made Cupcakes which we squashed and squeezed into apple shapes before

Baking Meme

Weekend Plans

Today is rather humid so I think we are going to see a thunderstorm or two. I may venture into the kitchen later but for now I need to catch up on my blog and website and get a few jobs out of the way  before the weekend arrives. IMPORTANT NEWSFLASH!! My books are on

Mini Jammy Dodger Cheesecakes

Oreo Ideas

There has been an idea going around in my head that has been there since about 7pm last night. Whilst looking at my Pinterest page,  I saw an idea for a Jammy Dodger Cheesecake recipe by “” which I had pinned to my homebaking board ages ago. I pinned it to my board as I