Carrot Soup

Well I have shared the recipe for the Carrot Soup so I think it is only fair that I share the recipe for the Bread Rolls, too. It will make the meal complete and the rolls were delicious. These rolls were so easy to make and the dough more than doubled in size at room temperature. No need to stand the dough in  a warm place. I just left it covered up with a cloth on the kitchen bench whilst I took the children to the supermarket. By the time we returned, which was about an hour later, the dough was well risen and ready for the shaping and second prove. At this point, my daughter stepped in and took over as she set about making lots of bread rolls of all different shapes and size.

Bread Rolls Recipe

Recipe by V.DaleCourse: Breads, pies and savoury snacks, RecipesCuisine: breads, savoury bakeDifficulty: Intermediate


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A long time consuming recipe but very delicious results. Perfect addition to a homemade soup.


  • 700g strong white flour

  • 1/2 tbsp salt

  • 15g dried yeast (one satchet)

  • 1tsp caster sugar

  • 425ml hand hot water

  • Milk for brushing


  • Weigh out the dry ingredients into a bowl.
  • Make a well in the centre and pour the water into it.
  • Mix the dough using a wooden spoon first then use your hands.
  • Knead for 10 minutes until the dough is smooth.
  • Place back in the bowl and cover.
  • Leave to rise for up to 2 hours.
  • Turn out of the bowl and divide into 16 pieces.
  • Knead and shape each piece.
  • Place on a greased baking tray.
  • Allow to prove for 30 minutes.
  • Brush with milk.
  • Bake at Gas 6 for 25- 30 minutes till golden brown and the base sounds hollow when tapped.


  • Nutritionally, one bread roll contains 163 calories, 0.5g total fat (1% daily total fat), 34g total carbohydrate (12% daily total carbohydrate), 1.4g fibre (5% daily fibre) (based on a 2000 calorie diet).

This recipe could be changed in so many ways. To start with you could use it to make two loaves of White Bread. Also, you could add other flavours to the dough, for example, cheese, herbs, olives, bacon and spinach, , pesto and so on. This bread keeps really well as the last roll was eaten just today. I kept the rolls in an airtight tin and the children have just helped them selves for the last two days.

You could use wholemeal flour in this recipe to make a healthy Wholemeal Loaf or rolls which would be really nice and a great way of introducing wholemeal flour into your family’s diet as who can resist homemade bread.

This bread did not take too long to make. The rolls were ready for the lunch time and I only made the dough at 10am that morning. I love this recipe as I love making bread form scratch and it is something I need to do more of as with a large family we eat a lot of bread.

All of these ingredients can be bought and delivered to your door through Amazon. Has anyone used the Amazon Pantry for groceries. I have bought cake decorating ingredients such as sugar paste and rice paper decorations but never standard groceries and it is something I would be willing to try sometime.

My webshop 🙂 I am very proud of myself (and my husband) as I feel very impressed with how the webshop looks. Thankfully have a handy webshop set up which has greatly helped me with all the different aspects of the webshop. I have chosen my favourite traybakes which have proved very popular on the market stall as well as on the food sites such as Yummly, Pinterest and other places I have shared them. The Cupcakes I am going to be selling are something I have made a lot over the years but never really pushed. Now I need to work on my alternative ingredients recipes of the products so that I can offer them for sale through the webshop and know in myself that these recipes work for an egg free diet, a gluten free diet and diabetics etc.