Lets start at the beginning and the route that led me to creating my own blog on this Inter-Web thingy and starting a new business.

Many years ago I graduated with a degree and, after that, a Postgraduate diploma, in Food Science and Brewing & Distilling (making and drinking, hic ! – just a little joke :)). I have had various jobs related to food and drink over the years but my favourite was as a chemist in a brewery. I loved that job but parenthood and redundancy put paid to that eventually.

I also learned a lot in all of the other jobs that I have had, over the years, all of which helped when I set up my own home baking business in 2008.

I loved my weekend market stall but found that the public’s needs changed regularly throughout the year and and I had to regularly change my products to suit e.g. Weight-Watchers cakes and cookies, (one of my daughters loves these cookies), but the competition at the market increased at an exceedingly fast rate of knots and it was intense trying to keep up, and my family time was suffering. In the end I decided to call it a day and concentrate my energies on this new blog venture.

This blog was my husband’s idea. He is IT mad so is proving very useful.

Being a mother of young children feeding them all is sometimes a nightmare – I end up making pancakes and waffles for breakfast as this seems to be the only thing that they will all eat at that time. However things may now be taking a turn for the better as it looks like at least one of my children will take up the baking mantle.

My eldest made flapjack today. She can remember the recipe in her head but getting her to make it was such hard work. I told her there was nothing nice for a snack and did she want to make some. Well she jumped at the chance and, once she mixed them, I suggested she add some chocolate pieces, the end result was fantastic. Needless to say they didn’t last the next two hours. My children ate the lot. I did manage to grab a morsel and they were of an excellent standard, absolutely perfect.