Scary Witches Shortbread Fingers
Scary Witches Shortbread Fingers

This is the title of my new recipe book and it describes the contents perfectly. I decided to write this book as I wanted somewhere to keep all my favourite scary recipes together. Writing another recipe book seemed the right thing to do. It has taken some time to choose the best of a very long list but I got there in the end. There are so many recipes which I have tried over the years but the recipes I chose are the favourite hits with my own children. At the end of the day it is my children and their friends who eat the treats at Halloween.

I had to include the children in the decision making for the book so there was plenty of debates (even my husband had a say) so the final choices were not made by me. My job was organising myself so that I had the ingredients, the recipes and make the time to fit in baking all these treats. However, I wasn’t left to my own devices in the kitchen as the children would often come in and help with mixing or decorating the treats. Needless to say, you can see their handy work on some of the photos for the book but at the end of the day it is a recipe book for the whole family to enjoy and my family certainly did enjoy helping, creating, baking,decorating and eating the goodies.

The paperbacks of my books are a perfect size to fit in a kitchen drawer. A handy little book of recipes which I use regularly now as the recipes are so easy to find. I don’t forget the method for making something but sometimes I need to remind myself of the ingredients and their quantities before I bake something. My head is that full of recipes and ideas that I can get forgetful at times. You can buy the recipe books for use on your kindle or lend for free with Kindle Unlimited but even though I have a kindle I don’t use it for my recipe books as I am still living in the dark ages and prefer the real paperback versions – having a well read recipe book splattered in mixture is a feeling that cannot be beat. When the pages are stuck together and then you lose some of the text when you peel them apart. Now I am selling the idea of using a kindle for your recipes – maybe I should try to use mine more??

At some point in the near future I will be compiling all my books into a large book or box set so watch this space but for me,  I will still be using my handy pocket recipe books to remind myself, if need be.

The next book on the horizon is one full of my favourite “Christmas recipes”, some family faves and some best sellers from my market days. (my sweet mince pies sold all year round at the market – “not just for Christmas – just like a dog” Hahaha).

Back to the baking, I am off the the kitchen to create some brownies smothered in treats for the children as they have had a very tiring weekend and deserve a treat, plus this bake is a new idea for the shop.