After last week I thought I would take it a bit easier this week so I sat down yesterday and made plans. Lots and lots of plans. Plans for the decorating which is coming together nicely and plans for the baking as there is still plenty I want to try. I can’t wait to take some photos using my newly decorated wall as the backdrop. Any excuse to bake isn’t it?? 🙂

Last week, I managed to bake over 200 Empire Biscuits, quite a few Mini Cheesecakes and a lovely Date & Oat Slice as a special request from a customer. As it was a trial bake I looked at several recipes for similar bakes and picked my favourite parts of the recipes to bake something that even I would like. However, dates cooked in cocoa with sugar to caramelise them are delicious I promise. The combination of the oat crumble biscuit base and topping with the date filling is a definite winner and I have had nothing but compliments from everyone who has tried it. Maybe I should add it to the webshop as I am sure it will travel well through the post I just have to gauge the interest in it first,

My plans for this week as I don’t have any orders so far are to concentrate on jobs in the house and add some ideas for the Father’s Day Bakes which I have available on the webshop for you to order for postal delivery or collection. There is still plenty of decorating for me to do and I can’t wait to get it finished so I can tidy all the paint pots away and just enjoy my home. 🙂 Of course there is always housework to do which I have neglected this last week or so due to being so busy with the webshop. No harm done though and when I get in the cleaning zone it won’t take long to do. However, it is just getting in the zone that is my problem (no energy half the time) and as I feel that the housework should not just be my job but as my whole family (one husband, four children) live here with me and they should all do their share. I have been too soft with them over the years.

Enough about house work and back to the baking and what I am planning on doing this week. I am going to make use of my edible ink printer and I have designed some “Father’s Day” toppers to add to Cupcakes and maybe the Empire Biscuits again (as the Platinum Jubilee Empire Biscuits were a big hit). Also, I am going to make use of the projector and see how my writing on cookies looks after a bit more practice. I really want to improve my skill in decorating cookies and writing with icing so I am going to make the most of my spare time this week. I will share some photos (with my newly decorated wall) when I am happy with what I can do 🙂