Well who would have thought there was such a thing but the Platinum Jubilee Empire Biscuits are very popular right now. 🙂 They have been my best selling product for the last week and I will be sad to see them go. The idea was my husband’s and I just went with it but the design for the icing topper was my work, as well as, the baking of the biscuits, of course. 🙂 I think they look quite cute and I will miss making them 🙁 Not that I will stop baking Empire Biscuits as I think they are here to stay so much so that I have actually written the recipe down in case I ever forget it ???? Don’t think that is possible as I could make these biscuits in my sleep!!

The best part about making these Platinum Jubilee Empire Biscuits is using my edible ink printer as I never get to use it. I keep saying this but I really need to make more use of it as I really do like what it can do and I haven’t really made the effort to advertise what I can do with this piece of equipment. My children love when I use it as there are always offcuts of rice paper or icing sheet that they can eat??? Strange children I know but at least nothing goes to waste.

Platinum Jubilee Empire Biscuits

I have quite a few orders for these Platinum Jubilee Empire Biscuits to post on Monday so be quick if you would like to order any for your party. In fact, along with the other orders I have for next week I am going to close the Platinum Jubilee Bakes on Monday 30th May so that I don’t become overwhelmed as it is only myself in my lonely kitchen 🙁

What an eventful few days I have had so far this week and hasn’t it flown by. I have managed to fit some time in for myself to exercise every day this week and I feel so much better for it. I am all prepared for next Monday and the mass baking of at least 200 biscuits (few extras ) which all need sandwiched together to make Empire Biscuits before being adorned with the “Platinum Jubilee” topper.

For Friday I have a Ginger Cake to bake ready for a lovely customer who lives in the same street as me. Then I am planning on making a start on the ceilings in my dining room and hall before I move onto the wallpapering. I can’t wait to see what the wallpaper looks like as a backdrop to some baking photos but I may be waiting a wee while as I still have plenty to keep myself busy in the week ahead. I am really glad the schools are off next week as I can crack on with all the jobs I need to get done whilst the children enjoy their lie ins 🙂