After a couple of weeks off I am back with a hop, skip and a jump. Orders are coming in thick and fast for this week and next week. Looks like the rest of the summer holidays are going to be rather boring for the children. 🙁 However they do have projects to do so I am trying to motivate them with the promise of a trip away but only if they get some homework done. Why they have homework to do over the holidays I don’t know as it seems to spoil the holidays don’t you think?

This week I have savoury orders to do so I thought I would offer some for collection too. Savoury Quiches are the order of the week – something a little bit different for me to bake which is great. After all “variety is the spice of life”. Also, I have my usual Cheese Scones and Corned Beef Pies order to do for a regular customer so I’m keeping my busy.

As well as, baking I am trying to add all the nutrition to my products on the webshop and my recipes in my blog (a lot of recipes). It is rather a tedious job but one I must do as I feel that my customers need to know the nutrition of the products so that they can make a more informed choice. Some people would say I am “shooting myself in the foot” here as the nutrition, in particular the calories and fat content may put some people off but at the end of the day “a little of what you fancy does you good” plus “everything in moderation” is the name of the game. Three great sayings in one sentence how awake am I this morning?

After I finish the nutritional information list I am going to push myself to get back into the blogging and writing about what I am creating in the kitchen. I know I should have done more work in the last fortnight on the blog but I soooo needed a holiday. I think that is the problem with my husband and myself this last couple of days as trying to get back into work mode is a killer. We both feel like we have been away from our work for so long but it hasn’t been too long has it?

Blogging Notebook
Blogging Notebook

After my Quiche extravaganza tomorrow and my Savoury Bakes day on Thursday I can turn my attention to school jobs – uniforms, shoes, bags, stationary, lunchbags, trainers, coats, paperwork and, of course, completed projects. Not too much to do really hahaha :). In between all of this I have orders to do next week and keeping the house prepped for any viewings which may come up – fingers crossed.