My Week So Far!

After a busy weekend away from the kitchen, I spent Monday cleaning the kitchen, getting my car looked at, watching my son in a Race for Life at his school and going without lunch?? I have loads of jobs on the lists but I seemed to lose track of time yesterday. So I have planned my time really carefully today just to make sure I eat. Who else lives their life by lists? I find it is the only way to keep myself right as my head is so full of other things that I would be all of a fluster if I didn’t write things down.

My plans after the school run changed completely on Tuesday, as I knew I had an order to bake and post. Originally, I was going to venture to the supermarket but it is freezing outside so I changed my mind . I ordered my groceries to be delivered instead. It means we will will have to eat what is in the house. I am sure there is something I can make for their dinner. Alright it may be a strange concoction but it will be fine and it isn’t like they haven’t had a dinner of this style before.

Cornflake Tarts to be Posted
Cornflake Tarts to be Posted

Tuesday was spent working on the blog whilst with three Cornflake Tarts are baking in the oven. The house smelt delicious and as there was some sweet pastry left over I just had to make a small batch of Jam Tarts for my family to enjoy later. 🙂 I hate anything I make going to waste.

My plans for today are to make some headway on the admin work for my blog. It is too damp to start on the painting again. 🙁 Wish me luck on getting through the admin as I didn’t even make a start on it last night. Orders permitting, I will make a start on the painting job soon. I am getting fed up looking at the decorating equipment lying all over the house now.

Giant Cookie
Father’s Day Giant Cookie

Father’s Day Bakes

I have a few orders for the Giant Cookies for Father’s Day. There is still time to order a treat for the father figure in your life if you wish. Just visit the webshop for more details. I will have to make a start on these Giant Cookies at the end of the week, as well as, an idea I am busy working on. My husband thinks is a great idea but more about this idea later today, I promise. 🙂

Friday Treat Box

I have just added the Friday Treat Box to add to the webshop for this week. It is a good one. There will be Mini Blackforest Gateau to celebrate “National German Chocolate Cake Day”. This was celebrated on the 11th June 2019. Also, the old favourite Strawberry Shortcake (again) to celebrate “National Strawberry Shortcake Day”. This food is being celebrated on the 14th June, this year. The final treat will be Peanut Butter Cookies which I haven’t baked for ages. I love these Peanut Butter Cookies and I am including them as it is “National Peanut Butter Cookie Day” today. A good treat box don’t you think? Something for everyone this week. 🙂