Another year has gone and Father’s Day beckons. I don’t know about you but I am getting excited about Father’s Day this year. It is mainly down to the fact that my children have put a lot of thought into a present for my husband, their Dad, this year. Myself, I am not sure if he is going to like what they have got for him or if he will hate it. Only time will tell. I can’t say what it is either as he sometimes reads my posts. 🙂

Giant Cookie
Giant Father’s Day Cookie

In the meantime, I am planning our day for tomorrow, weather permitting. A trip to the supermarket is on the cards to grab a few bits for a dinner – a Sunday dinner, no less, with all the trimmings. 🙂 I’m really looking forward to some Yorkshire puds and the roasties. For dessert, I am going to use up the left over black cherry filling from the Blackforest Cupcakes and maybe make a Fruit Pie or something with Brownies to serve with the left over whipped cream.

After a busy Friday, baking customer orders for the Father’s Day Cookies and the treat boxes I have spent my Saturday morning cleaning my house from top to bottom. Why I did this with the children in the house I don’t know but it is done so that is another job ticked off the list. I wanted the house to be clean for Sunday so I can relax a bit.

After a trip to my daughter’s dance class I have a list to work through which is mainly household admin and children’s homework. Yet again, with the idea in mind to make my weekend more relaxed for myself. We will see how that goes won’t we?

I couldn’t even stay out of the kitchen today and just made my first ever batch of Cinder Toffee or Honeycomb as some people know it. It was so easy to make and I never realised that. I haven’t tried it yet as it has to sit for at least an hour but I can’t wait. I have made it with a particular idea in mind and tomorrow I will put this plan into action and make the first trial as a treat for my husband (and children) as he will have to share.

Right that is me signing off for today, as I need to get away from this screen because I have just spent the last 30 minutes looking through Pinterest for some ideas I want to try. There are so many sauces I want to make and try out in some bakes it is unbelievable. Watch this space for more details as my husband loves the idea 🙂