Woke up thinking “Well what should I bake today”. Something yummy for tea. Something for my husband (his favourite) and something for children’s packed lunches. So I set to work. I love when you just go with flow and see what ends up being made. No real plans – but the end product is so worth it.

First I made a raspberry jelly for the jaffa cake recipe which I have been changing a bit. I placed it in the tin in the fridge to set whilst I made the genoise sponge for the base. However, when I went to check, not much jelly was left in the tin. Most of it was on the shelf. Someone had knocked it and I wasn’t too happy. Husband came to the rescue and went up to the shop to buy another jelly.

While he was away I made the shortbread base for the millionaires shortbread which my husband loves. He is the only one who eats it so he has a whole tray to himself. Half of the shortbread mix was used for the millionaire shortbread and half for jam tarts for my children,s packed lunches. I put the shortbread base in the oven to bake whilst I cut out the tarts bases and filled them with jam. When I put these in the oven the genoise was baked and the millionaire base well on its way to being baked.

I love baking trays and trays of home baked goods and I have already prepared the menu for this weeks meals so I know exactly what I am making for tea this week and have all the ingredients ready. I am Miss Organised this week. I have to be as I have two birthday cakes to make on Friday so I am planning ahead.

Once the base was baked for the millionaires shortbread I set to work on the caramel filling. I make extremely good caramel and this was my best seller at the market stall. I had many orders for trays of this every week. Once the caramel was cooked it is poured onto the base and left to set.

For the chocolate I informed my husband that it would be dark chocolate on the topping and his reply was “MMMmmmm”.

Caramel Slice
Caramel Slice

         Now I just have to finish the jaffa cake but I am waiting for the second jelly to set so I decided to write up some more blog instead. I have taken a few photos and the children have already started eating the  jam tarts – not waiting for school time.

Finally the white chocolate and raspberry jaffa cake was eaten before I could take a photograph so I will have to attempt this recipe again but next time I will use milk chocolate as the white chocolate ganache tasted like custard, very nice but I think the milk chocolate topping would be much tastier.