Where has the weekend gone. It is Sunday afternoon here and I have just sat down with a cup of tea and a piece of Nutty Fudge to try and write something about looking to the week ahead. I wouldn’t normally be writing anything at this time but I am making the time to have a break and catch up as I have been a busy little bee this morning. My eldest daughter and myself have spent the last 2 hours scraping wallpaper off the first bedroom wall. We have spent time chatting and listening to her choice of music on Alexa but the fact that I knew quite a lot of the songs has made her rethink her tactics as I don’t think she is very happy that one of her parents likes the same music as her. Hehehe! Between the two of us we have put the world to rights and done a great job on the first wall. Only three more to go and then we can redecorate their room. Fingers crossed they will look after it and like it when it is finished.

I think a well deserved break is needed by the two of us so I am sitting writing and my daughter is chillaxing  somewhere else in the house. She will be aching in the morning no doubt but I think she enjoyed the one to one time and feels like she has contributed a bit more to the household chores. She was definitely a big help and I am grateful she is my daughter.

Anyway enough about my morning – back to the baking or rather my plans for this week which will include Doughnuts as it is “The Children’s Trust National Doughnut Week” so I am going to bake a batch of my Baked Doughnuts for the children to enjoy. This time I may make filled doughnuts instead of the ring doughnuts which I made last year. I have already shared the recipe for the Baked Doughnuts as I don’t have a deep fat fryer to make the standard doughnuts but these Baked Doughnuts are just as nice and probably healthier too – a little bit. I might make a video about how to make these doughnuts to share on Youtube too.

There are quite a few great Foodie Calendar days coming up this week including “National BBQ Day”, “National Devil’s Food Cake Day”, “National Quiche Lorraine Day” and “National Vegetarian Week”. I think these are my favourite ones from all those days which are available to do.

Mirror Glazed Cake

The Mirror Glaze Cake has proved to be a hit with my family but I haven’t tried a piece yet as I think when I made the glaze the mixture resembled tapioca which I had as school dinners many years ago and it sort of put me off. I thought it would be too sweet with all the buttercream involved in the recipe as well as the mirror glaze itself. According to my husband and children the cake is fine – I guess it must be as they have been taking a slice as and when they fancy something sweet. Next time I make the glaze I will add less vege-gel  or better still buy some of the agar agar and see if that makes any difference to the texture of the glaze. It is all just a matter trial and error until I make something that I am happy with.