What a week!! I haven’t stopped all week between prepping for the “Mother’s Day” orders to fulfilling customer orders for postal delivery and collection I have been very busy. Thank you for all of your orders it has made me love my little home baking business more each day. 🙂

As well as, the orders which I have done – mostly the Cheesecake Eggs – I have to say by the way (a very popular novelty idea) there has been children to look after and meetings to join online, as well as, in person. Such a busy week but I have got through it and I am now sat writing as I haven’t managed to write a blog post for quite a while.

This week has been all about new customers which has been lovely but scary at the same time as I find that I always worry more when I bake for a new customer as you never know what they are going to think of your products but I am off the opinion that if you don’t take the risk you will never know.

For the “Mother’s Day” orders I set myself a limit as I didn’t want to be too busy and have to work on “Mother’s Day” as I am really wanting a day off. When I say day off I am going to have to drive if we manage to go out tomorrow but I am really hoping that I have a day off from washing, cooking and all the other jobs which I usually do on a Sunday. Fingers crossed my husband and children will take the hint!!

Most of my “Mother’s Day” orders have been for Chocolate Bars and Traybakes which have all been posted in time to get to my customers for the weekend. Also, I had a couple of bouquets to make out of Cupcakes which I really enjoyed creating. When I looked this morning at the tracking numbers for the parcels everything had arrived on time. Royal Mail have been a great help this week. 🙂

Next week, I have plans to make a few Easter treats ready for Easter orders and I am going to try out a new idea which I have been asked about recently by a new customer. More details about this when I get round to it. My plans may change depending on the orders which I receive so watch this space 🙂