Last week was much quieter than the week before, so much so, that I have made time to practice some Easter treats which I am wanting to add to my products in the webshop (or maybe just change a few around based on the ingredients which I can get hold of).

The Easter treats I have made this week have been a Fudge idea and some jumbo NYC Cookies (which my children loved). Both have been treats I have been wanting to try out on my family for ages so it was great to get the ideas out of my head into reality. The reality was that both treats have been a hit with my family although I think everything I bake is a hit as my family are biased.

The fudge which I made was a White Chocolate with Oreos Fudge and a Dark Chocolate with Smarties Fudge. I wanted to use the Fudge in some Easter moulds so I crushed the Oreos and Smarties up before adding them to the fudges. I chose the contrasting chocolates as I planned on using the leftover fudge up to make a half and half fudge. After leaving the fudge to set in the moulds I dipped some of the pieces in melted milk chocolate and they worked a treat. I’m thinking Fudge Lollies which I can add to the Easter Treat Box as an alternative to the Marshmallow Pops which I usually do.

The NYC Cookies are one of the best cookies that I have ever made and there are so many different flavours which I can add to the cookie dough. I have tweaked the recipe a little which I found online and I know that if I change the sugar used and the ratios of sugars I can change the recipe further. There are so many options with recipe and I can’t wait to get stuck in. I will be adding the NYC Cookies to the webshop so watch out for more details soon. 🙂

As it is Tuesday already and the week is going to fly by (I know) my plans are to complete the customer orders which I have for this week and prep for the following week which is going to be a busy one. I have plenty to keep myself busy today online as I wind down for the Easter holidays but as long as I am organised I will be fine.