I am writing about the blogs and places I go to for inspiration before I write my blog. As of yet I haven’t written a comment on their blogs but one day I will. There are several places I visit on line when I have time to read or venture elsewhere. Not just food related either, some are blog advertising , some marketing afflilliates etc. My favourite idea that I am reading up on is supermarket affiliate programmes of which it seems there are several available. I have also contacted the packaging suppliers who I have used in the past but still need to check with them if I will receive any free advertising or payment from themselves. I quite like the idea of free advertising by them as it will get my blog and website more widely read.

My favourite blog is “Cookie and Kate”. It is an American woman and her dog and all the food ideas she shares are vegetarian which suits me to the ground as I am vegetarian myself. Her food is always so colourful and vibrant and just looking at it makes you feel healthier. I follow her on Facebook and read her blog often. Her ideas are really interesting and so easy to follow.

I also like “The Pink Whisk” who is a UK based lady and she became known from the Great British Bake Off. She has really became known since then and has a great knowledge of baking. Her blog is full of new ideas for flavour combinations. She has recipe books for sale and loads of other interesting reads.

I also enjoy reading “With love from the oven”. This is another American lady who writes a very fun blog. She is always writing about baking and has some interesting ideas to share.

Finally I enjoy reading “The Baking Addiction” blog as she does some interesting variations on traditional recipes and is very easy to chat to.

These are just a few of my favourite places to go when I am in the mood for falling into the baking heaven and getting my fill from other peoples ideas. I use these ideas to feed mine which are constantly flowing but sometimes need a little tweaking before I put pen to paper or fingers to keyboards.