Mummified Hotdogs
Mummifired Hotdogs perfect for Halloween

Well for tea last night my children made it themselves “Mummified Hotdogs“. I love making something different for special times of the year. A special treat for Halloween. My children ate sixteen of these little creations with salad and chips. I did not eat any of them. Not my cup of tea but I did make the flaky pastry for them and supervise where necessary. They do look quite good considering they have been made by youngsters. I think children eat more when they have made the food themselves and I like giving my children the chance to prepare their own meals.

My flaky pastry is made by grating frozen butter into the flour before adding water to make the dough. I do not mess on with the whole routine of adding the butter in cubes , folding lots of times and chilling in between folding. My method is much easier, quicker and achieves good results. My method is based on a Delia Smith recipe for quick flaky pastry but I have adjusted the butter amount as I feel that if too much is added the pastry is very greasy.

Today, I have already taken the butter out of the fridge as I am going to let the children make their scary finger cookies which they have been wanting to make since the weekend. My son went to school so excited this morning as he wants them for his packed lunch. He asked me if he could make small fingers just like his and he could pretend they were his own and scare his friends as he takes a bite of one. He has a wicked sense of humour for a little one.

Scary Fingers
Scary Fingers

It is getting to that time of year where the pumpkins need to be carved ready for  Halloween night so I am thinking I might bake something with the flesh of the pumpkins rather than letting it go to waste. Sweet or savoury, I haven’t decided yet but I am sure it will be something for the family to enjoy.

I must return to my other writing now as I am still working on my recipe book and I have some other home typing work to continue.  I have many documents part written for use on my blog or my website as well as jobs I am doing for other people.  My head is full of ideas  and I am just trying to get them down in writing and my camera is full of pictures to go with my writing. I just need to combine the two and hope I can produce something that people are wanting to read about.

If there is anything that my readers would like me to feature on my blog or to write about for my website then please comment below.

Thank you